SUPERMARKETNEWS delivers a lively, concise mix of industry news, interviews and state of the art industry commentary on a wide spectrum of industry topics, giving an immediacy that  gets to the heart of the industry.

It is an authoritative voice in its field and operates with an extensive staff of news gatherers in the industry, ensuring that advertisers reach decision-makers in the strongest editorial environment.

SUPERMARKETNEWS is the best targeted media option and it provides a unique advertising channel to directly influence the grocery trade at an affordable cost per thousand.

The basis of a successful consumer promotion is a strategic and tactical trade campaign. Before you talk to consumers you must talk to the trade, to influence them with your advertising and editorial in SUPERMARKETNEWS magazine.

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Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of advertising orders
a) We will accept all written advertising orders and will confirm all verbal orders in writing by email.
b) An advertiser may amend or cancel any booking without penalty if written notice is received and receipted by Review Publishing Co Ltd before the advertising cancellation date. Cancellation date is deemed to be the 15th of the month prior to date of publication. For example 15th March for an April issue. Special positions such as Front cover, back cover, inside front cover/dps, inside back cover or cover wrap the cancellation date is 5th of the month prior to publication issue date. i.e. April issue cancellation date is 5th March.
c) If an advertiser cancels all or part of an advertising booking after the cancellation date, or does not meet the advised deadline, we reserve the right to repeat a previously used advertisement and charge the full advertising rate.

Contract rates
a) We will apply appropriate contract rates for multiple space usage for the period of the contract.
b) We will protect rates for the period of the written and confirmed contract, however should paper prices or postage rates increase during the contract period, we will hold the rate only for three subsequent issues following our rate increase advice.
c) In cases where actual advertising space used falls below the contracted volume, we will surcharge all space taken to the rate appropriate to the volume of space used.
Prompt Payment & Other Discounts
Any discounts offered are dependent upon the account being paid under our terms and conditions. Any discounts offered which reduce the price per insertion to less than that listed on the ratecard are referred to as a prompt payment discount and are subject to our trading terms of 20th of the month following invoice. We reserve the right to re-invoice to ratecard rates, and reverse the prompt payment discount, should the account not be paid within the required period of our trading terms.

a) Advertising material or copy must be received by advised deadline and according to our published specifications.
b) If an advertisement is required to be designed and set by us, additional costs for this service will apply. For advertising agencies, this will be a non-commission bearing cost. If advertising material is prepared by Review Publishing Co at no charge then the high resolution material will not be released to the client unless a release fee is paid.
c) We reserve the right to place ‘advertisement’ above any copy/material which, in our opinion, resembles editorial copy.
d) The advertiser warrants to the publisher that all copy/material complies with all laws, statutes, regulations, codes of practice and any standards applicable to our publications or determined by any relevant regulatory agency or industry self regulatory body complies with any standard or requirement specified by us and notified to the advertiser from time to time is not defamatory or does not infringe copyright, trademark or other legal rights of any person is not false, misleading and is true in substance and in fact does not infringe upon the Fair Trading Act 1966 (NZ) (as amended). The advertiser acknowledges that the publisher in accepting the advertisement relies on the provision of this clause and agrees to indemnify the publisher, its employees, affiliates and agents against any action, claim, loss or expense, legal or otherwise, arising as a result of the publication (or non-publication) of any advertisement.
e) Advertising material is held at the advertiser’s risk; is not insured; will only be held unused for six months; and will only be returned on request and at advertisers expense.

a) The publisher reserves the right to decline and may, at its discretion, cancel or reschedule any advertisement and accepts no responsibility for late or non-insertion through accident or otherwise.
b) Placement of any advertisement (except where actual position is confirmed in writing) is at the publisher’s discretion.
c) Casual displacement, rejection or omission of an advertisement does not invalidate a space order.
d) Whilst every care is taken, the publisher will not accept any liability for loss whatsoever incurred through either the content of, or the incorrect appearance of an advertisement.
e) Annual subscription includes 11 issues of the printed magazine plus the weekly online newsletter.

Taxes and levies
All quoted rates are exclusive of GST and any Government taxes/levies and are quoted in New Zealand dollars.

Payment terms
a) Accounts for advertisements are due and payable by 20th of the month following the invoice date. Advertisers and their advertising agents are jointly and severally responsible for payment due.
b) PMAA accredited Advertising Agencies: Commission of 15% if payment received by the last day of the month following invoice date; 0% if paid after the 15th of the second month following invoice date. In the event the advertising agency does meet these payment terms, the publisher reserves the right to approach the Advertiser direct for payment and, in any such case, the Advertising Agency will have no claim on commission whatsoever.
c) If payment for advertising is not made by the due date the Advertiser and Advertising Agency will be liable at market rates for all costs of recovery, commissions and collection fees.
d) Overdue accounts will incur a 15% non payment penalty per month, until the payment is settled.
e) RPL reserves the right to publish a notice of unpaid debts in its publications and/or website for any overdue invoices. RPL will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the client relating to the publishing of this notice/s.
f) Any discounts offered which reduce the price per insertion to less than that listed on the ratecard are referred to as a prompt payment discount and are subject to our trading terms of 20th of the month following invoice. We reserve the right to re-invoice to ratecard rates, and reverse the prompt payment discount, should the account not be paid within the required period of our trading terms.

Discount Vouchers
For discount offers the following terms and conditions apply:
1. May not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount
2. Discount is against rate card prices as published
3. Discount/voucher must be used within 60 days of date of offer
4. Discount voucher can not be redeemed for cash
5. Agency commission does not apply
6. May not be used for logos in Buyer’s Guide

RPL is a specialist magazine publisher and undertakes to provide you with a professional service. We undertake to publish your advertisement according to written instructions, and if material is received on time and according to our written specifications, to the best of our and our printer’s ability and be of acceptable quality.

Black Friday Promotion
Paid space will be invoiced in December 2019 and must be paid by 20 January 2020 for bonus free space to be published in February or March 2020.
Ratecard rates apply for this promotion. No other discount may be used.
Bonus space is to be taken in February or March 2020 issue of the same magazine as purchased advertisement.
Limited spaces apply.
Offer does not apply to special positions i.e. front cover, back cover, cover wrap.
Bookings are as space allows and confirmation is required by the publisher to confirm booking.
‘Free’ ad is of the same or lesser value.