Diageo has released a range of eco-friendly flavoured straws that match their range of RTD beverages. The straws are available in four flavours – lemon, lime, chocolate and strawberry with each flavour specifically targeted towards an individual RTD.

The release follows an announcement from Pernod Ricard earlier in the year which revealed the company’s new policy on the promotion of plastic straws and stirrers. The beverage giant asked all global associates to halt the use of non-biodegradable straws and stirrers at future company events.

As part of the announcement, Pernod Ricard revealed intentions to partner with sustainable plastic company Loliware to create the “straw of the future”. The edible plastic company is known for producing disposable cups consumers can eat. Created using a combination of seaweed, and organic sweeteners and flavours derived from vegetables, Loliware makes a range of flavoured cups and has recently ventured into producing straws.

Recent reports are showcasing the rise of the eco-conscious consumer as more millennials turn towards purchasing products that are more sustainably friendly.

New Zealand supermarket chain Countdown recently announced its plans to phase out plastic straws from supermarkets nationwide as part of the chains industry pledge to move towards using 100 per cent compostable and recyclable packaging as of 2025.