Co-op has collaborated with Coveris and Freshtime to release a new packaging for fresh produce that takes the company closer to reaching their environmental goals. The packaging is a fully recyclable PE film that claims to deliver the same functional, protective and shelf-life benefits as regular, non-recyclable options.

The new packaging is made from polyethylene similar to plastic in carrier bags which are recycled easily. The films carry the OPRL label – “Recycle with bags at larger stores”. Tailored to meet a range of consumer needs, the packaging is microwaveable and has easy-open functions.

Co-op’s new fresh produce packaging was manufactured at Coveris’ Winsford facility in partnership with Freshtime, a supermarket and supplier.

“We are delighted to work with Coveris to launch this landmark new recyclable film – a collaborative approach between industry stakeholders is essential if we are to deliver 100 percent recyclable packaging for UK consumers that also satisfies requirements around shelf life and functionality,” said Iain Ferguson, Co-op environment manager.