Mrs Hinch’s cleaning army

Sophie Hinchcliffe has become an online sensation after posting videos of her cleaning tips and tricks across the internet. Fans and enthusiasts have dubbed themselves the ‘Hinch Army’ and are revelling in her techniques; cleaning seems to have become a trend.

Hinchcliffe or Mrs Hinch as she is referred to has amassed over 460,000 followers and has even appeared on British daytime show This Morning to share her insights.

The cleaning guru has given personalized nicknames to her cleaning products such as her Minkeh, a Minky anti-bacterial cleaning pad and Buddy, a spontex microfiber kitchen kit. Whether it is her bubbly personality, cute nicknames or genuinely revolutionary techniques, Mrs Hinch has inspired her followers to embrace cleaning.

Mrs Hinch’s most used products have become must-haves for any household and have sold out in stores across the United Kingdom. Supermarkets have embraced the cleaning sensation, with some stores allotting dedicated spaces for the bloggers popular equipment, with signs reading ‘For Hinch Army Shoppers’. This new cleaning hobby is being welcomed with open arms by retailers as their products fly off the shelves.