Needle Found In Strawberry Complaint Turns Out To Be False

Foodstuffs has released a statement after a 28-year-old woman was charged with making a false complaint in relation to a needle being found in a strawberry.

“We are very pleased with the response and action from the Police regarding this investigation. Malicious events like these have serious consequences for our customers, suppliers and stores. The impact on our business is considerable; from the destruction of perfectly good produce, harm to our reputation and that of our suppliers, to the time wasted dealing with false claims.”

“We take our responsibility of care to customers very seriously and follow a thorough process in all these types of instances. To have to do so needlessly, is frustrating to say the least. Foodstuffs is grateful for the ongoing support and cooperation of the Police and MPI.”

“We are hopeful this will send a message that tampering with any product is unacceptable.”

The woman is due to appear in Timaru District Court on 29 January 2019.