Atlantic Natural Foods has created a new plant-based fish alternative called Tuno. The company started to create the tuna alternative five years ago as an answer to the global fish stocks crisis.

Founder of Atlantic Natural Foods Douglas Hines said that the company recognises that seafood resources are not endless, and supplements need to be used. “If our planet’s resources are not guarded and supplemented with alternative proteins, our future generations will not enjoy simple lifestyle requirements as basic as protein.”

“We leveraged real experience in seafood, including partners around the globe combining 100 plus years’ experience in harvesting and production, to develop a plant-based innovation that meets the highest standards for product excellence, but also at a family-friendly value that most shoppers can afford.”

“Plant-based protein alternatives are our future, and we’re committed to delivering healthful, sustainable foods to future generations.”

The new range has three alternative flavours – Sea Salt, Lemon Pepper and Spicy Sriracha.