Après, a digital-first beverage company based in San Francisco, has launched the first ever plant-based protein drink developed specifically for premium whole-body replenishment. Created for the modern wellness consumer, the innovative beverage utilizes a proprietary plant protein blend with other complementary ingredients, including virgin coconut oil and coconut water, to deliver clean nutrition with great taste in a shelf-stable format. (PRNewsfoto/Après)

Après launches the first ever plant-based protein beverage developed specifically for premium whole-body replenishment. The innovative beverage utilizes a proprietary blend of plant proteins, virgin coconut oil, and coconut water in a shelf-stable format for convenient on-the-go consumption. Based in San Francisco, Après is a digital-first beverage company founded by Sonny McCracken and Darby Jackson, two health and fitness enthusiasts-turned-entrepreneurs that partnered together to address a clear void in the market.

Unlike many existing protein brands, Après is not directly targeting the traditional sports nutrition consumer. “It’s our belief that modern wellness consumers, especially women, have been all but overlooked from a replenishment point-of-view,” said Sonny McCracken, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We spent more than a year working hand-in-hand with this consumer group to develop a product that could not only provide the clean label and nutrition they’re looking for, but also deliver great taste.”

Jackson’s experience as a health coach also provided insight into their target demographic’s needs. “I found my clients, 95% of whom were women, constantly asking for a clean, convenient, post-workout snack that would sustain them until their next meal,” said Jackson, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “Most women are looking for whole body replenishment rather than just a protein shake, so it was important to create a functional formula that balances the protein component with other complementary ingredients.”

Après is made with organic plant protein (13g per bottle) from pea, chia, cacao, and hemp, delivering all essential amino acids to promote satiation and a healthy, lean physique. It’s also formulated with organic virgin coconut oil that supplies sustainable energy through metabolic fats (MCTs), and organic coconut water that provides electrolyte hydration and a silky smooth texture. The low sugar (6g per bottle), snack-sized beverage (180-190 calories per bottle) is made with all vegan, kosher, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free ingredients.

Après is available in three flavors: Mint Cacao, Sea Salt Chocolate, and Chai Spiced Vanilla in 11oz Tetra Pak™ cartons that are shelf-stable and offer an easy, on-the-go solution. Six-packs are available online for $34.50 ($5.95 per bottle) along with a variety of subscription packages.