Puhoi Valley has released its first Authentic Greek Yoghurt. Fresh New Zealand milk and a culture originating from a Greek Island are combined and sweetened to create a thick, velvety and creamy yoghurt. It is then crafted with pockets of flavour for a truly decadent taste. The new range is available in five new flavours including Rhubarb & Strawberry Compote, Raspberry Crème Brulee, Raspberry & Boysenberry Compote, Natural, and Mango & Coconut. To mark the launch, Puhoi Valley partnered with three of NZ’s most premium and iconic restaurants – Ostro, Boulcott Street Bistro and Chillingworth Road. Each restaurant has created a bespoke dessert using the decadent Puhoi Valley Authentic Greek yoghurt as a key ingredient, available for a limited time. “We want people to be pleasantly surprised that a yoghurt they can buy at their local supermarket, is also being used by top New Zealand restaurants,” said Natalie Bourke, marketing manager, Puhoi Valley.