Soda Stream has taken its environmental pledge one step further with the development of the ‘Holy Turtle’. The PepsiCo owned company has created a 1,000-foot-long plastic waste collection device with the aim of cleaning up the ocean. The device is towed behind two ships as it captures waste while still protecting wildlife with large vent holes.

“We can’t clean up all the plastic waste on the planet, but we each need to do whatever we can. The most important thing is to commit ourselves to stop using single-use plastic. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic goes into the ocean every year. This plastic doesn’t disappear. It breaks up into tiny particles, floats in the ocean, endangers marine life and ends up in our food chain. We must all put our hands together to reduce the use of single-use plastic and commit ourselves to change our habits and going reusable,” said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO Soda Stream.

The device was last spotted off the coast of Roatán, Honduras in the Caribbean sea.