BDÉT – The World’s First Natural Flushable Wipe

Bdét - the world’s first natural & flushable wipe!
A natural product is about to disrupt the billion dollar wet wipe market and it was invented and made here in New Zealand. Billie Jo Hohepa-Ropiha is the creator of BDÉT (pron:BDAY) Foam Wash a natural formula that turns toilet paper into a luxurious, gentle cleansing wipe. No need for single-use plastic wet wipes and it can be used in any septic or sewerage system. Simply pump the foam wash onto ordinary toilet paper and it turns into a hygienic cleansing wipe, that’s flushable and biodegradable. The range also tackles the challenge of bathroom smells having collaborated with a French perfumist to work on the special BDÉT formulas.
“Wet wipes resulting in fatbergs, are a huge problem for sewerage infrastructure around the World, the problem isn’t just localised to Aotearoa. While some say they’re “flushable” they actually are not and that’s confusing for customers who believe they’re doing the right thing," said Hohepa-Ropiha.
“I actually came up with the idea 22 years ago and have been using it since. But then I realised the problem was not only hygienic, needing to feel clean, but also environmental.”
Now her products are soon to be released into supermarkets with Foodstuffs signing BDÉT on as a supplier.
"We have had a slight delay because of Covid-19 but we will be available for buyers to order very soon. “We can’t wait to change the habits for toilet paper and wet wipes users, so both our hygiene needs and environment is taken care of."
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