Flying Parcels – Unbeatable Customer Service

Founded in 2018, Flying Parcels is a national and international parcel consolidation and shipping service. The business provides high quality service, affordable rates and parcel delivery services for businesses large and small.

Following the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, the business pivoted to include selling sanitisers and N95 face masks to businesses.

Its hand sanitisers don’t require water or rinsing, are quick drying and hygienic, killing 99.99 percent of germs. Simply put a coin size amount of sanitiser on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Perfect for situations where running water, soap and hand dryers or towels are not readily available.
The N95 mask comes in a handy pack of two and is a great option for hospitality staff, educators, and those working in the healthcare sector. As the nation starts to head back into work, these are a convenient option for businesses to offer staff for protection against the spread of Covid-19.
Flying Parcels’ core business however, is freight.

Often, finding the right service and arranging the best deals and collection of items is a rigmarole but the team at Flying Parcels makes it easy by working with suppliers for high quality parcel deliveries and unbeatable customer service.

There is a dedicated line for customers, so you can be assured that any issues will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

Their energetic team are customer-driven and are committed to delivering excellent service.
Flying Parcels offers a complete range of freight and courier across New Zealand and Asia Pacific, big or small, parcels or pallets. From air freight cargo and parcel, nationwide delivery, customs clearance, excess travel luggage, to home deliveries.

Want to know more about how Flying Parcels can help your business go from good to great, or purchase hand sanitiser and masks in time for your team going back to work? Contact one of the team on 0800 314 242 or visit