"Clearwater’s Organic Dairy, the Farm Dairy where Bryan and Jackie Clearwater’s team produce their award-winning Cream-Top-Yoghurts and dairy products, a melt in the mouth delicacy. Milk produced at Bryan and Jackie Clearwater’s organic dairy farm, in Peel Forest, is the raw material for the products we produce in our small factory right next to the milking shed. We believe that good and wholesome products can only be products from the best possible raw materials.  Producing products from our own organic milk, on the farm will give us that assurance. Our dream is to provide delicious products, produced in the most sustainable way for a reasonable price.  We want to be known as creating New Zealand’s most natural dairy products! We are serious about minimizing the impact on our environment and will always endeavor to use any resources with respect and in the least damaging way possible. For more information find us on Facebook"