NWWA Top 50 – Paritua

Paritua is the name of the stream that runs through the brand’s vineyard and the word Paritua means ‘meandering stream above the ancient river’. The vineyard was planted in 2003 with the aim of crafting beautiful wines that speak of the land they come from.

SupermarketNews spoke to Jason Stent, winemaker at Paritua.

What is one of the most rewarding things about winemaking?

“Dealing with nature and growing vines every year is different. The most rewarding thing about winemaking is mitigating the challenges to make wines we are proud of.”


“On the nose the 2018 has ripe blueberry, black cherry and violets with a hint of spice and clove. On the palate, fresh plum and spice with a slight cola bean character. The freshness and weight is well supported by the tannins.”

What was important in making this award-winning wine?

“Harvesting at the optimum time is critical. Blending the various different ferments is key.”

Food Pairing?

“Suckling pig, spit roasted meats, pizza, pasta.”

How long can you shelf your winning bottle of wine for?

“8 years if stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.”

Who would your wine appeal to?

“This wine will appeal to people who like wine.”

How would you describe this wine to someone who's never had this grape varietal/blend before?

“Smooth, ripe, gorgeous wine.”

If you could do a wine bottle swap with any winery in NZ or the world, which winery and wine would it be with?

“Domaine Jamet, Cote Rotie, France – simply the best Syrah from the Northern Hemisphere.”


Winemaker: Jason Stent

Location: Bridge Pa Triangle, Hawke’s Bay

Wine varietals produced: Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay