Smoothie Operator – Reducing Food Waste One Smoothie at a Time

The 2050 Smoothie is the world's first instant smoothie made from upcycled produce. The business is taking everything consumers love about their daily fruit smoothie and making it more convenient, nutritious, and sustainable.

The 2050 Smoothie has every ingredient you need in one convenient and reusable package!

Brown bananas and wilted spinach? The 2050 Smoothie stays fresh in your pantry for up to a year! No freezer necessary!

Running late for work? The 2050 Smoothie transforms into a delicious frozen beverage in under 60 seconds!

Trying to reduce your carbon footprint? The 2050 Smoothie is made from imperfect and surplus produce, and is shipped to your door 100% carbon neutrally!

The 2050 Smoothie is a 100% natural, instant smoothie powder available in 3 delicious, Northwest-inspired flavours: Rainier Berry, Seattle Summer, and Evergreen.

The only ingredients are real fruits and vegetables. Zero added sweeteners. Zero preservatives.

Its innovative drying technology locks in all flavour and nutrients while extending shelf-life from days to a year. Simply blend The 2050 Smoothie with ice and your favourite liquid base to transform it into a refreshing, earth-friendly treat!

For more information visit their Kickstarter page here.