Walmart and Jerry Harris Team Up to Share College Picks Worth Cheering For

The return to campus looks different for college students across America this fall. Although much remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: whether they’re heading back to school or taking classes from home, Walmart has everything students need to start their year off on the right foot.

This back-to-college season, we're thrilled to partner with the breakout star of "Cheer", Jerry Harris, to share all his back-to-college must-haves.

Walmart’s Vice President of Home Management, Patricia Snyder, had the chance to interview Jerry about returning to college this year.

Here’s what Jerry had to say on why Walmart is his back-to-college shopping destination, what inspires him and his best advice to students heading back to school.

Why did you choose to partner with Walmart for Back to College?

I love Walmart - I always have! I am so excited for the opportunity to partner with them to help inspire other students heading back to college this fall. Walmart is my go-to store to stock up on everything I need for the school year, from essentials like premium electronics and comfy bedding to small appliances perfect for making meals and snacks. They have everything, for everybody on any budget.

What are your must-have back-to-college picks from Walmart?

My picks include a new laptop (must have), a wireless charging alarm clock, a new Smart TV with Roku from onn., a cute, comfy comforter from Mainstays and a phone sanitizer like the PhoneSpa Phone & Accessory UV-C Sanitizer (gotta stay safe!). Those are the essentials!

You’re an inspiration to so many. What inspires you?

Kindness. When people are truly kind, it inspires me to want to be kind too.

You’re known for your mat talks. What would you say to freshmen heading to college this fall?

Always look forward to the future! The class of 2020 is the toughest group out there! You’re making lemonade out of lemons, and it’s so inspiring. Keep finding ways to make your freshman year a great one, even if it looks different than normal.

What is your go-to playlist when you’re trying to get in the zone before a big competition or exam?

Without a doubt, Billie Eilish. Her music gets me in the zone and ready to jump on the mat or to nail an exam.

You’re pulling an all-nighter. What are you snacking on?

Definitely a fresh fruit smoothie that I whipped up in my Ninja. And maybe some fried pickles – I’m all about balance!

Things look a lot different this school year for students around the country. What are your tips for fellow students on staying active and connected with friends in a socially distant world?

I love walking. I’ll put in headphones and walk miles just listening to some good music. Being outside and moving is a great way to stay healthy and keep your mind clear.
I also video call my friends and teammates literally every day. Just because we aren't physically together doesn't mean we can't be close!

What’s next for you?

I have a few really exciting projects that I am working on and can't wait to share with you all soon! And even though school looks a little different this year, my education is still so very important to me.