Shining New Zealand’s Sustainable Light

Shining New Zealand’s sustainable light for all to see, the Hawkes Bay community of Wairoa are soon set to become a more energy-efficient town. New World Wairoa and EECA (The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) have partnered up to give away five, free energy saving LED lightbulbs to all 3,000 households in the Wairoa community from 23 October – 1 November.

This week all Wairoa residents will receive a letter with a voucher in the mail that can be redeemed for up to five free energy-efficient LED lightbulbs at New World Wairoa.

The LED giveaway is part of a series of trials run by EECA who is encouraging New Zealanders to make the switch from the widely used incandescent lightbulbs to the more energy efficient and climate friendly LED lightbulbs.

"Our goal with the giveaway is to show Wairoa residents the benefits of LED lightbulbs which will lead to reduced energy use and cost savings. We recommend replacing old lightbulbs in high-use areas such as kitchens and living rooms, and to make the switch right away so you can start seeing immediate cost-savings from the LEDs," said EECA’s Chief Executive Andrew Caseley.

New World Wairoa is supporting the giveaway as the store and its team are passionate about affordable, everyday ways New Zealanders can live more sustainably and supporting the local community.

“By playing an active part in supplying the Wairoa community with free LED lightbulbs, we want to shine a light on how choosing a different kind of lightbulb can reduce overall power costs to members of the community," said New World Wairoa owner operator Brookes Stewart.

The simple task of switching to more energy efficient lightbulbs has the potential to have a truly impactful sustainable difference in New Zealand homes. “If 100,000 more New Zealanders switched all their household lighting to LED lightbulbs, this would prevent 1,669 tonnes of C02 from being released into the atmosphere per year; this is the equivalent of roughly 25,000 people not flying from Auckland to Wellington every year," said Andrew Caseley.

“We’re proud to be involved in this trial here in our Wairoa community, as this initiative will see residents save on their power and become more environmentally friendly – with the bulbs at no cost to the householder,” finished Stewart.

How to claim your five free LED lightbulbs:

  • Residents will receive their vouchers from Friday 23rd October in the mail.
  • Before heading to New World Wairoa, check your light fittings to see whether they are Bayonet or Screw. The LEDs are available as either 9W in Bayonet or Screw fittings.
  • Residents can bring in their voucher that they received in the mail to New World Wairoa, 41 Queens Street from Friday 23 October to Sunday 1 of November to redeem up to five free LED lightbulbs.
  • The LED lightbulbs are 100% free – only the voucher is required to redeem them at New World Wairoa.