Take Control of Your State with Terpenes

Good Herb Soda is an all natural, healthy and fully legal wellness tonic that contain cannabis strain specific terpenes derived from natural plant sources, not cannabis so is non psychoactive.

With no added sugar and less than ten calories per serve, Good Herb Soda's are free from preservatives, artificial ingredients and are plant based so suitable for vegan/keto/paleo and gluten-free diets.

Terpenes are organic compounds responsible for the smell and aroma of most plants. They have been known to have therapeutic effects.

More than 100 terpenes are found in cannabis as compared to one dominant terpene present in most plants. Terpenes in cannabis influence the overall experience as well as provide additional therapeutic value.

Currently available in two variants InZone and Unwind.

For more information contact 022 497 8699 or visit www.goodherbsoda.com.