Simply Squeezed has added three new varieties to its Super range of drinks. The Hawke’s Bay-based company has added Super Smoothie Fibre Fit, Super Vege Rescue and Super Vege Focus to its range of already popular drinks. The range utilises unique wellness ingredients such as activated charcoal, ginger, green tea and cinnamon to create delicious tasting and better-for-you beverages.

The Super Smoothie Fibre Fit blends banana, apple and strawberry with fibre, coconut, lemon and cinnamon, providing a good source of fibre, as well as being dairy free.

Super Vege Rescue brings together apple, carrot, cucumber, lemon and ginger with activated charcoal and antioxidant vitamin C and is naturally lower in sugar than other juices in the range.

Super Vege Focus is a balanced union of apple, carrot, passionfruit, cucumber, beetroot and lime, and incorporates green tea and vitamin B5, for mental performance. Like Super Vege Rescue, this juice is also naturally lower in sugar than other juices in the range.

All three Super blends are available in an 800ml size. The Super Vege Focus is also available in a single-serve 350ml size.