Whittaker’s have searched the world for the finest ingredients to showcase in their world-class chocolate and created three delicious new flavours to add to their premium 100g Destinations. The new flavours give Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers a chance to enjoy the tastes of Colombia, Madagascar, and Australia.

Across the Tasman, Whittaker’s have found the nutty, chocolate and caramel flavours of ground Australian Wattleseed, the edible seed of the Australian Acacia. This has been caramelised around crunchy, batch roasted cashew nuts to create Whittaker’s Caramelised Cashew with Australian Wattleseed in 33% cocoa Creamy Milk Chocolate.

Whittaker’s have sourced the world’s finest mangos from Colombia and paired them with tangy, bright passionfruit in Whittaker’s smooth White Chocolate to create Whittaker’s Colombian Mango with Passionfruit in 28% cocoa White Chocolate. 

To make its darkest chocolate yet, Whittaker’s Madagascan Sambirano 82% cocoa Extra Dark Chocolate, Whittaker’s have used ‘fine flavour’ Forastero and Trinitario cocoa beans from the world-renowned Sambirano Valley in Madagascar.

Jasmine Currie, Whittaker’s Marketing Manager, said adding these new flavours to the range ensures there’s something for everyone from white chocolate lovers to dark chocolate connoisseurs, and the hero ingredients are extra special.

“We think Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers will be intrigued by our Destination Australia chocolate because not many will be familiar with wattleseed, and because this is our only product to include delicious cashew nuts, all encased in our 5-roll refined Creamy Milk chocolate.

“Meanwhile, the perfectly-balanced pairing of Colombian mango and passionfruit in Whittaker’s White Chocolate is a decadent tropical flavour that is hard for anyone to resist, especially in the depths of the New Zealand winter.

“Our Destination Madagascar is a testament to that country’s long history of producing ‘fine flavour’ cocoa dating back to French colonial times. The beans we have used are from the Sambirano Valley, a cocoa micro-climate where frequent river flooding keeps the soil rich and full of nutrients making for a deliciously rich and creamy flavour that deserves to be savoured without other competing flavours,” said Currie.

Whittaker’s have also searched the world for the finest illustrators to craft the packaging for these new Destinations flavours. The illustrations reflect the respective hero ingredients’ origins, and Whittaker’s has brought these to life for its latest television commercial, with the help of Nigella Lawson.