New Zealand’s first vegan basil pesto has hit supermarket shelves!

Created by leading food brand, SEASONS Gourmet, the new Vegan Basil Pesto is dairy free and made with the freshest, local ingredients.

It is perfect eaten as a dip, added to sandwiches, toasties, pasta, pizza or used as a garnish for a burst of flavour.

Following on from the success of the company’s vegan chunky dips, SEASONS Gourmet has expanded its vegan options and has listened to the growing consumer demand for plant-based alternatives.

“Veganism is a trend that cannot be ignored by the food trade and we are delighted to be the first company in New Zealand to respond quickly to consumer trends and deliver a pesto dip for vegan menu options," said SEASONS Gourmet, Managing Director, Luciell McIlroy.

“We have been making dips for over 17 years, creating bespoke ranges with flavoursome and creative combinations and are confident that vegan is the right next step for us,” said McIlroy. “We certainly plan to continue supporting our vegan consumers with more vegan options that do not compromise on taste.”

The new dip is made from fresh basil that is crushed together with garlic, lemon & lime juice, cashew nuts and high-quality olive oil. It is garnished with a cheesy flavour using nutritional yeast sourced from Europe and in-house roasted pine nuts top it off to deliver a deliciously tasty and enjoyable homemade, high-quality product.

Renowned Chef, Mark Harman has been the mastermind behind SEASONS Gourmet products for six years and was keen to take mainstream vegan food to the next level and create a flavoursome product that is more accessible and will entice non-vegans as well as those who live a plant-based lifestyle.

“We know that health is high on the agenda for a lot of our customers and we want to help Kiwis get dinner on the table easier, faster, knowing that they are serving up a product that is delicious, versatile and nutritionally beneficial,” explained Harman.

Once opened, SEASONS Gourmet Vegan Basil Pesto can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days with the lid firmly closed after each opening.