Consumers are smart – they know what a good cake should taste like. Packaged cake mixes and icing products can have a lot of unnatural ingredients that have been developed by chemists and food technologists, and that means you get a cake that may look great but it doesn’t taste as it should. Granny Delicious products have all natural ingredients and that’s why they taste just like Granny used to make. Granny Delicious makes baking easier so that home baked treats don’t become a thing of the past. The brand’s six incredible new products are already winning favour with young and old bakers alike, including Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix, White Chocolate Cake Mix, White Chocolate Icing Mix Raspberry, White Chocolate Icing Mix Banana, Chocolate Mousse Mix, and White Chocolate Mousse Mix. Check out their full range at www.grannydelicious.com or call Granny on 0800 GRANNY.