Chocolate lovers rejoice – Nestlé has released a new KITKAT flavour, Chocolate Mousse Deluxe, which joins the recently launched Inspired by KITKAT CHOCOLATORY range in New Zealand, with Kiwis loving this new range.

The bespoke creations are ‘inspired by’ the popular custom creations made at the bricks and mortar KITKAT CHOCOLATORY store in Melbourne, where dessert devotees can create their own custom KITKAT, made by a team of specialist chocolatiers.  Perfect for those looking for a luxurious treat, the new indulgent range is designed to stimulate the senses.

Chocolate Mousse Deluxe – rich, smooth chocolate mousse covered in creamy milk chocolate.

Mint Cream & Cookie Smash – starring smooth peppermint cream encased in a dark chocolate shell.

Caramel Burst & Sea Salt – gooey and salty caramel smothered in creamy milk chocolate.

Espresso Biscuit & Ganache – coffee infused biscuit pieces in rich ganache covered in rich dark chocolate.

“Kiwis are increasingly looking for ways to make the everyday extra special. This new range goes beyond what we’ve done with KITKAT in the past, and showcases indulgent flavour combinations from the KITKAT CHOCOLATORY. We think these new blocks are perfect for Kiwis in need of a well-deserved break and the latest Chocolate Mousse Deluxe will definitely delight chocolate lover," said Nestlé Head of Marketing – Confectionery, Anna Stewart.

The four delicious flavours from the Inspired by KITKAT CHOCOLATORY range, Chocolate Mousse Deluxe, Mint Cream & Cookie Smash, Caramel Burst & Sea Salt and Espresso Biscuit & Ganache, are available in 140g blocks at stockists nationwide.