A new, full-flavoured light beer option has launched on New Zealand shelves. Steinlager Pure Light is a full-bodied lager that is lower in alcohol, calories, and carbs, but with no compromise on flavour.  With 2.5 percent ABV, 72 calories per 330ml bottle and just 1.5 percent carbs, this is the perfect brew for people seeking a lighter option to fit their balanced lifestyle.

“People are increasingly focused on their wellbeing, and we’ve seen that having an impact on how people are drinking.  Being able to offer low alcohol options means consumers have more choice when it comes to choosing a more balanced approach to their lifestyle. Steinlager Pure Light means they can do that, without sacrificing the full flavour of the beer they love,” said Rory Glass, Lion NZ managing director.

Independent research, commissioned by Lion New Zealand has revealed that half of adult Kiwis have now tried low or no alcohol products, with almost half drinking them monthly or more frequently.

Steinlager Pure Light is available in a 6 and a 12 pack