Following one of the heaviest hail storms in 20 years in October, Hawkes Bay nectarines were left slightly marked. With the fruits skin now appearing to ‘look funny’ due to the impact of the hail spots; this doesn’t conform to expected nectarine appearances. However, the wonderful, tangy sweet flavour in Yummy nectarines is perfectly intact beneath the skin. Not wanting good produce to contribute to food waste, the brand has introduced the ‘Hailstone Heroes’ to consumers this summer!

Globally one-third of all food is wasted, with research showing in 2017 kiwis wasted 1.8 billion dollars’ worth of food each week. A contributing factor is produce not reaching the cosmetic standards required by supermarkets. With fruit and vegetables being classified as ‘Ugly’ and disposed of, regardless of the flavour and goodness still being deliciously intact.

Nature throws stones as the Hawkes Bay growers have experienced. The hailstorm caused havoc in the nectarine growing area in the Hawkes Bay, affecting the appearance of almost all the Yummy nectarine’s baby fruit skin; but not the size, flavour quality or eating experience. This fruit has survived the worst stone fruit hailstorm in recent memory which make them true hailstone heroes! Just like people fruit comes in all shapes and sizes and despite being perfectly edible most strange looking produce is discarded or avoided. So, Yummy is asking for your support to help reduce food waste and increase ‘ugly’ fruit consumption, please support local growers, and encourage others to look and taste beneath the skin!