In response to consumer demand for convenient, on-the-go breakfast options, Kellogg's Nutri-Grain has launched its new range of Nutri-Grain To Go Protein Squeezers. Available in five flavours in 140g squeezy pouches that appeals to satiety, great taste, and importantly, it plays to the aspect of convenience, given the way young adults are now consuming breakfast on-the-go or not even consuming breakfast due to the time crunch most mornings.

Nutri-Grain TO GO Protein Squeezers are a delicious, thick and creamy breakfast blend of oats, protein and fibre and comes in five delicious flavours. In a convenient, single serve pouch, they’re perfect to grab before school or as an afternoon pick-me-up before heading off to training.

It will be available in all grocery retail banners, and to be rolled out into oil and convenience channels shortly.

Flavour variants include:

  • Choc Malt Slam - a blend of oatmeal, cocoa and malt
  • Mocha Hit - a blend of oatmeal, coffee and cocoa
  • Banana & Honey Smash - a blend of oatmeal, banana and honey
  • Vanilla Flavour Punch - a blend of oatmeal, vanilla flavour and malt
  • Nutri-Grain Flavour - a blend of oatmeal and malt