New Zealand’s beverage market just got a whole lot juicer with the launch of “The Apple Press”, producers of the “world’s best apple juice”. Apple lovers can now delight in drinking their favourite Hawke’s Bay apple; Royal Gala, Jazz™ and Braeburn as single varietal juices.

Founded by Hawke’s Bay apple grower and businessman Ross Beaton, The Apple Press are producers with low-waste at their very core, determined to use the 13 000 tonnes of “Ugly Fruit” that isn’t deemed pretty enough for export and crafting them into premium juice.

These apples are given the 5-star treatment; hand-picked at peak ripeness, cold-pressed just once and then bottled delicious with no added sugar or preservatives.

The Apple Press has branched out even further, with the capability to trace their apples back to the orchards they came from, and are bottled in 100% recyclable packaging.

Delicious for drinking on their own, The Apple Press juices are also making a name for themselves as the perfect partner to Gin and Vodka, and tasty cocktail* bases.

The full Apple Press range is:

Royal Gala
Braeburn and Valencia Pulpy Orange
Royal Gala and New Zealand Feijoa
Braeburn and Hawke’s Bay Pear

Available in 350ml and 800ml bottles.