Recognising a need in the market for people with sensitive teeth, GSK launched Sensodyne Rapid Relief - a unique formulation that works rapidly to form a barrier over the sensitive areas of your teeth and reduce sensitivity within just 60 seconds , by applying a pea-sized amount to a clean finger-tip and rub gently into each sensitive tooth (maximum twice per day) for one minute.

With twice-daily brushing, the new formulation builds ongoing protection with every brush, supporting the long-term management of dentine hypersensitivity, a painful, chronic condition affecting as many as one in two people. Through this and its broader Sensodyne portfolio, GSK Consumer Healthcare intends to make dentine hypersensitivity a manageable condition over the long- term. Sensodyne Rapid Relief is available in two variants – Original and Extra Fresh.

For more information visit www.sensodyne.co.nz.