Orchard Gold, NZ’s number one selling brand of frozen fruit, is launching three new products, targeting the booming smoothie and better-for-you snacking sub-categories.

Orchard Gold Kiwi Mix is a 500g blend of locally grown, diced Bay of Plenty Gold Kiwifruit and Nelson Boysenberries and Blackcurrants. All are noted for their high antioxidant and vitamin levels, with NZ Blackcurrants recently being scientifically recognised as a wonder berry.

The 800g Orchard Gold Well Being+ range is an exciting innovation in the frozen fruit category - fruit blends boosted with nutritional “Wellbeing+” drops containing supplements such as turmeric, ginger, and acai. Gone is the hassle and added expense of buying many of the high-profile nutritional supplements individually.

There are two Wellbeing plus SKUs, Super Fruit + Maqui, Chia, and Acai and Super Fruit + Turmeric and Ginger. Maqui is one of the newest hot supplements, it is a South American super berry, with a deep purple colour and extremely high in antioxidants.

For more information, contact maree@bizadviser.net.nz or jason@ffowcs.co.nz.