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1. In NZ grocery, are shoppers more or less satisfied than a year ago? 

Answer: Less Satisfied

"Shopper needs are changing as shoppers go in more for a top-up shop led by a specific occasion in mind. Expectations are rising with the delivery of new needs not reflected yet in-stores."

2. What is the top category where shoppers are most satisfied?

Answer: Alcoholic Beverages

"Satisfaction is highest on alcoholic products such as Champagne and Still Wine."

3. What category is price most important to shoppers?

Answer: Baby

"It is key to be competitive with pricing in baby categories. It matters to young households and helps set the total store price perception for them."

4. Which of these shopping needs is most important to the shopper?

Answer: Price

"Price is most important, a hygiene factor. Some categories are more important to overinvest in price than others."

5. What shopping need is becoming more important to shoppers?

Answer: Product and Execution

"As missions and occasions change, product message and shelf execution become more important to shoppers."

6. What product do shoppers not mind paying more for better quality?

Answer: Chilled Dips

"Chilled Dips a real opportunity to encourage shoppers to trade up to more premium options."

7. In what category do shoppers look for the most authenticity? 

Answer: Chilled Soups

"Authentic, premium, chilled soup solutions are key to talk about sourcing, how the product is made and the brand story."

8. Where are most shoppers looking for innovation?

Answer: Meal Kits

"Shoppers want new ideas and inspiration most in meal kits."

9. What product is top of mind for shoppers when it comes to dinner?

Answer: Pasta Sauce

"Pasta Sauce is thought about the most as a product category when it comes to dinner as an occasion."

10. What are most shoppers snacking on between meals?

Answer: Nuts

"Nuts are most likely to be thought about for a snack between meals."

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