"In our modern world, let's face it, everything is just “so busy’”. We are in this “always on” state, time poor and looking for convenient solutions now more than ever. So, what does this mean for your weekly supermarket shop?

There are 3 crucial points that need to be addressed and actioned.

  1. Changing Missions and Occasions Driving the Trip: Firstly, it’s not a weekly supermarket shop and this shouldn’t be a surprise. We are going in more often for smaller top-up shops thinking about what we need for that day or the next 2-3 days. We aren’t thinking about the whole week, we can’t think that far ahead to plan our week. This means more shoppers today come into the store with a specific need or occasion in mind. For example, I have a busy day at work and I realise I need to work in the evening, so I now have limited or no time to cook. I need something quick, easy and healthy for dinner and 20% of New Zealand shoppers are coming into stores thinking about dinner. I might just pop into the supermarket on the way home because I also need lunch for tomorrow as I’m out of the office.
  2. Shelf Execution and Speed of Shop is Key: As shoppers are coming in for a specific need, the speed of shop becomes increasingly important which includes execution at the shelf and the right messaging. Price is still very important to shoppers however shoppers are looking for the right messages (e.g. premium, provenance, ethical sourcing) and willing to pay more for the right solution.
  3. Shoppers are Less Responsive to Pre-store Communication: Pre-store vehicles that communicate to shoppers talk largely only about price and promotions and for a good reason to build trust with customers. Retailers and suppliers need to think more about how-to communicate solutions because it’s a solution the shopper is looking for. For example, Shoppers are thinking what’s for dinner tonight? How can you help me with an idea for lunch? When I’m in-store where do I find all the products? Help me find it easily and quickly and don’t make we walk to five separate places in the store to make my dinner.

There are some dramatic changes happening in the way shoppers are making shopping decisions in New Zealand. Shopper Tracker interviews over 40,000+ shoppers in New Zealand across Supermarket, Petrol and Convenience Channels and Traditional Liquor in order to drive strategic shopper led commercial decisions at the retailer, category, segment and brand level."

For more information please reach out to Mitesh Khatri, GM at Shopper Tracker ANZ: Mitesh.Khatri@shoppertracker.com.au