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From the Home of Craft & Beer.

Sprig & Fern award-winning craft beer producer has expanded their product portfolio to include 330ml six packs and 500ml singles in a range of varieties to suit all customers.

Master Brewer, Tracy Banner whose brewing ethos is staunch around quality, consistency and being well made takes it a step further in glass, with new limited releases coming frequently to keep customers engaged.

At Sprig & Fern, “craft beer” means more than a quirky name or a funky bottle. It’s about combining malt, hops, innovation and precision in a way that sets apart everything they brew. With Sprig and Fern, there are simply no preservatives, and no additives added. They handcraft their beer and don’t pasteurise, so they don’t affect the great flavours.

 To find out more visit www.sprigandfern.co.nz.

Kiwi Saffron - Our labour of love. The mysterious and magical saffron crocus, cultivated for thousands of years and used as natural medicine and in cuisine. 

New Zealand Saffron season begins in April lasting around 45 days. Daily at first light, staff gather in the saffron fields to pick crocus flowers by hand before they open in the sun, a scene repeated over throughout the ages.

As flowers mature progressively sometimes a second picking is required. Each flower carefully picked at the flower base, carried to our processing room when a bucketful is reached. Willing helpers process saffron flowers, removing only the three-pronged red saffron pistils from the petals and placing them on dehydrator trays to be processed the same day, preserving freshness, flavour and consistency. After flowering, the fields are then weeded by hand.

For more information contact Jo at info@kiwisaffron.com.

Thoroughbread is the home of gluten-free. Recognised as manufacturers of cutting-edge handmade gluten-free bread, Thoroughbread won the Bakery of the Year 2018 GOLD medal for Innovation.

In 1989 the founder, Rebecca Rolls, baked her very first loaf on an old coal range oven used for their water heating. 29 years of bread baking experience has given Rebecca the ability to master what few can when it comes to a premium loaf. She takes delight in using her skills to bring dietarily restricted individuals back into the fold; having one bread that the whole family can enjoy that is soft nutritious and delicious, that no one would think is gluten, wheat, dairy, grain, soy and preservative free.

Thoroughbread is about quality ingredients, freshly grinding organic seed and rice flours, as well as activating and sprouting organic seeds to maximise the available nutrition and create a gold-winning sandwich experience. 

For more information visit thoroughbread.nz or email Rebecca at thoroughbread@gmail.com.

Stripped Jerky is a young and growing company dedicated to delivering the best tasting jerky there is. Made from NZ raised grass-fed beef, all-natural flavours, colours and preserving techniques. It is the ultimate portable power snack perfect for the outdoors, sports and enjoying with a cold beer. 

Stripped Jerky is not only delicious, but it also has a high concentration of nutrients, such as protein, vitamin B12 and iron. And because they use only natural flavours, herbs and spices to give their jerky its unique taste and because it is so low in fat and sugar it is ideal to eat between meals as part of your balanced diet. 

Each 80-gram bag of Stripped Jerky started out as 240 grams of prime New Zealand grass-fed Beef. New Zealand is a world leader when it comes to the quality of the beef we produce, and this makes Stripped Jerky superior in quality compared to other brands using beef that has been intensively farmed. Having privileged access to such a great product, Stripped Jerky feel it is our duty to produce the best jerky possible, and are continually striving to be the market leader in quality.   

For more information visit www.strippedjerky.co.nz or contact Michael on strippedjerky@gmail.com.

On the small side of boutique, Spade Oak Vineyard sits in the Poverty Bay flats, Gisborne. Following Steve’s lifelong passion for wine, they developed the Spade Oak label. Home to the Voysey family, Spade Oak grows a number of lesser-known varieties from St Laurent to Petit Manseng, but Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are their strengths.

Steve is the man who crafts it all – from running the vineyard to making the wine. His wealth of winemaking experience shows in the pure drinkability of their wines. In a changing world Spade Oak is about keeping it real, a direct link from the grapes in the ground to the wine in the bottle. That is what gives them the confidence to put their name on the label.

For more information visit www.spadeoak.co.nz or contact Eileen on info@spadeoak.co.nz.