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Introducing Hellers healthy new meat and veg Flexitari-yum range. Superfood packed with sensational flavour pairings. Global awareness of what shoppers are eating is on the rise and consumers are increasingly seeking out reduced meat options with more vegetables and boosted health benefits. Consumers often don’t want to remove meat entirely from their diets but are searching for products that fit their balanced lifestyle.

Hellers have developed a range that combines everyday barbecue favourites with leaner meat and 28 to 34 percent vegetables and superfoods. The Flexitari-Yum range still provides Kiwi’s with their classic and traditional meat options for the grill, with added ingredients that not only boost wellbeing but enhance the flavour of the meal.

The Flexitari-Yum range builds on the strength of the Hellers approach that taste and flavour are paramount for any product. Chef, Fraeona Heller, has created exciting options to choose from and remarkable flavours that will set the barbecue alight.

For more information visit www.hellers.co.nz. or phone 03 375 5017

Kingsford Charcoal was established in 1920 by Henry Ford and is one of the most loved and iconic brands that has brought real barbecue flavour across the USA. Kingsford has been the gold standard of barbecuing for nearly 100 years in the USA and is the number one brand in Supermarkets in NZ.*

The Kingsford range includes; Original, where each briquet is made with natural ingredients and real wood. It features the signature “sure fire grooves” which helps the coals light fast while burning hot and long, resulting in an authentic Smokey flavour that barbecue lovers crave. Kingsford Charcoal with Hickory is the perfect match for pork, poultry or beef that gives a sweet, hearty flavour. Kingsford Charcoal with Applewood gives a light, fruity flavour and is ideal for poultry and pork.

With the growing popularity of charcoal barbecuing, help your customers achieve barbecuing greatness with Kingsford.

For more information or to order contact nzsales@clorox.com

*Nielsen Data MAT to 07/10/18

Kaitaia Fire began operations in 1989, planting an organic five-acre farm of chili peppers at Doubtless Bay, on the Far North’s East coast. From these humble beginnings grew an operation that now employs five full-time workers, keeps dozens of contract growers busy, and supplies chili sauce from the North Pole to Antarctica and everywhere else in between. Both sauces have been winners in the New Zealand Food Awards and Waha Wera (“The Burning Mouth”) Kiwifruit, and Habanero Pepper sauce was awarded “Best Hot Fruit Sauce” in Chile Pepper Magazine’s prestigious Fiery Food Challenge in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1996, (the Academy Awards for Hot Sauces.)

Waha Wera is the perfect addition to any marinade for barbecues as an enzyme in the kiwifruit used, acts to break down fibres in tougher cuts of meat. Although recently its versatility has also been shown by Japanese consumers who have begun using it as an ice cream topping.

For more information contact Garry on 09 443 3097 or email him at garry@kaitaiafire.com.


Wild Fennel Co. gourmet seasonings are produced by Dunedin-based husband and wife team, Dan and Jo Pearson. Dan is a former fine dining chef who designed the recipes with the aim of bringing big restaurant flavours to the home kitchen. Inspired by traditional flavour pairings from around the world Wild Fennel Co. seasonings are simple to use and versatile, enhancing recipes and inspiring new creations.

Wild Fennel Co. has two ranges to suit any barbecue enthusiast: a meat range of six seasonings for chicken, beef, venison, duck, pork and lamb, and a range of seafood seasonings for salmon, white fish and shellfish. Available in attractive, eye-catching kraft paper pouches holding 30 grams, just enough seasoning for 2 to 3 family-sized meals.

Easy to use, big on flavour: simply sprinkle.

For more information visit www.wildfennel.co.nz or email hello@wildfennel.co.nz.

The Doctors’ range is all about innovation and experimentation. Careful selection of Sauvignon Blanc vineyard sites and microclimate; plus a couple of little viticultural secrets have resulted in this wine. Sustainably grown, naturally produced in the vineyard, full flavoured Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc that leaps from the glass with green capsicum, passionfruit and fresh herbs; it’s full and satisfying to taste with that crisp, refreshing Marlborough finish, and all at only 9.5 percent alcohol.

Perfect for your modern lifestyle.

Food Matches: Analysis at Bottling pH 3.01 • TA 7.40 g/l Residual Sugar 6.06 g/l • Alcohol 9.5% Harvest Dates: 28th March - 3rd April Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc Vineyards: Mountain View • Northbank • Belmonte Cellaring: 2 - 4 years

For more information, please visit quenchcollective.co.nz.