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Want to banish the spots, but not have to resort to using harsh chemicals? This is why Essano has developed the Clear Complexion range; an award-winning natural skin care regime especially formulated to treat oily and congested skin.

Their products are free from harsh ingredients, such as alcohol and benzoyl peroxide, so won’t leave your skin feeling dry and irritated like other problem skincare regimes can. Instead, they've used leading active ingredients that are gentle yet effective, to help calm and manage problematic skin, giving you the confidence of clear skin, naturally. With two Certified Organic products, Clear Complexion is one of the only genuinely natural regimes for problem skin.

Get to know the full range:

Purifying Gel Cleanser 100ml - A soap-free cleansing gel scientifically formulated to cleanse and balance oily, young or congested skin.

Certified Organic Mist Toner 120ml - A light, hydrating mist for balancing and refining skin after cleansing. With Witch Hazel and Willow Bark to clarify pores and restore the skin’s pH levels, so the skin doesn’t create more oil. And, it’s certified organic.

Certified Organic Detoxifying Serum 30ml - A calming Probiotic-based serum, scientifically developed to clear pores, control sebum production and balance skin, naturally. Clinically proven to prevent further breakouts.

Oil Control Moisturiser 75ml - A light, fast-absorbing lotion that is perfectly balanced to provide essential hydration and oil control for a shine-free, matte finish, naturally.  With probiotics to stimulate skin renewal and deliver optimal skin balance.

Rapid Action Blemish Gel 15ml - A natural antibacterial treatment, scientifically formulated to visibly improve the appearance of blemishes and reduce inflammation and redness, with Willow Bark (a natural form of Salicylic Acid).

For information, please contact Rachel Morrison at reneem@mixlimited.com or phone 09 256 2279

Blackmores NZ combines traditional naturopathic expertise with scientific research to bring natural health products to Kiwis that they can trust to help them achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Blackmores are leaders in the growing natural health category and have leading products in Stress, Pregnancy and Eye Health.

 The new Blackmores SuperkidsTM range offers shoppers a healthy alternative to help Mum and Dad fight fussy eaters with 99% Sugar-Free Gummies and Chewables sweetened with naturally derived ingredients xylitol and sorbitol. The extensive Blackmores SuperkidsTM range covers Multi’s, Immune, Omega and Growing Bones all with naturally delicious fruity flavours.

For more information visit www.blackmores.co.nz.

Swisse Wellness has launched its new, extended beauty range, which prompts consumers to re-think the traditional beauty régime by integrating skincare with supplements in a holistic approach that supports beauty ‘ínside and out’.

Four new skincare and four new supplement products are now available in-store and include the breakthrough ingredient Sicilian blood orange that is sourced from the volcanic surrounds of Mt Etna in Italy. The range has taken pure ingredients from nature to create luxurious, nutrient-enriched skincare products, including an Intensive Hydration range (Hyaluro-Natural Moisturising Facial Serum, Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Facial Mask and Hyaluronic Acid Firming Eye Serum) as well as the Blood Orange Brightening Serum.

Specifically-tailored supplement formulas with a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to support healthy hair, collagen formation and skin radiance include Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+, Swisse Ultiboost Radiant Skin, Swisse Ultiboost Hair Nutrition for Women and Swisse Ultiboost Age Protect complement the skincare range.

For more information on Swisse’s Beauty Inside and Out range and the full range of Swisse Wellness products visit www.swisse.com. or phone 0508 SWISSE.

Schwarzkopf answers hairs’ SOS with our latest innovation.

Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara blurs the lines between makeup and haircare. The precise brush applicator allows targeted and instant cover for grey or lighter hair on both strands and roots. 

Easy to use, this quick-drying formula leaves an even and natural looking colour result.  The temporary colour that washes out in 1 shampoo is the perfect in-between solution before the next hair colour. 

 Its compact size fits perfectly in the handbag for those on-the-go touch-ups.  Providing a quick and easy fix – every time.

 Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara is top rated on Beauty Review indicating the double-digit growth in root touch-ups in Zealand is set to continue.*

 Available in 4 shades: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Blonde.

 For sales enquiries, please contact harold.bautista@henkel.com or visit www.beautyreview.co.nz to see what beauty reviewers are saying.

* Top Rated on Beauty Review as at 09.08.18 and growth as per latest MAT 08.07.18 in the grocery.

Manuka oil is the hero ingredient used by ManukaRx. They use East Cape Manuka Oil which has been proven to be 20 -20 times more effective than tea tree oil against certain strains of gram-positive bacteria.
This history of herbal remedies and the science behind the antibacterial properties of manuka oil inspired the ManukaRx team to harness the healing properties of East Cape manuka oil and blend it with natural ingredients that help prevent the spread of bacteria and promote the healing of the skin. Their natural skin ointment which is available in a 25g tube is perfect for the on-the-go customer.
Their manuka ointment helps to ease minor daily skin nuisances, cures chapped lips, improves broken cuticles and helps dry spots. The ointment provides gentle, yet powerful support to encourage healing and uses a range of additional ingredients for an effective and natural product. Their natural ingredients include:
Castor seed oil - helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and unclog pores while softening the skin
Sunflower oil - uses fatty acids and vitamin E to keep the skin feeling healthy
Beeswax - acts as a barrier for protection and hydration
Cocoa and shea butter - leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple.
ManukaRx products can be viewed at www.manukarx.co.nz.
For wholesale enquiries, please contact Dave on 0275 791002 or email dave@manukarx.co.nz.