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YUM Granola is creating breakfast lovers across the country with its beautiful, award-winning, artisan granolas made fresh in Nelson. All YUM products are made with nutrient-dense, organic ingredients, while being gluten free, dairy free, grain free/paleo, low sugar, high fibre, and packed full of whole food goodness.

Our recipes are our own - creating fresh, delicious sustenance for the next generation of health food. YUM currently has 4 delicious flavours:

  • Original Granola - Toasted with local hazelnuts, and a touch of Nelson honey
  • Dark Chocolate Granola - Recently awarded Silver in the Outstanding Food Producer Awards, a beautiful combo of cacao, Blenheim hazelnuts, and goji berries
  • Bircher Muesli- An untoasted muesli with Viberi blackcurrants and cinnamon
  • Creamy Apple Chai Porridge- This is a beautiful, warming oat-free porridge with our own chai spices and toasted hazelnuts

YUM is available across the country in the main cereal aisle, in 400g resealable stand-up kraft pouches.

For more information visit www.yumnz.co.nz or contact us at sarah@yumnz.co.nz

It’s what we don’t do that counts!

Relocating from Auckland to Christchurch J Friend and Co wanted to create honey that celebrated New Zealand bees. Unlike other squeezy honeys, their products are not heat treated or fine filtered, ensuring all the naturally occurring health benefits and unique flavours remain. J Friend and Co don’t blend honey from different regions or vintages, so each bottle of their honey is unique to a specific time and place.

Their 400g squeezy bottle variety comes in three unique flavours:

Wildflower: a mild honey with a distinctive floral fragrance and citrus, honeysuckle flavours. Perfect for drizzling over deserts, swirled through Greek yoghurt or for sweetening hot and cold drinks.

Manuka, Beechwood and Kamahi: a bold honey with classic burnt caramel flavours offset by earthy, woody notes. Rich in colour with a deliciously smooth fudgy texture.

Beechwood Honeydew: this bold distinctive dark amber, naturally runny honey has a bold earthy flavour. High in oligosaccharides, (a prebiotic which helps maintain gut health), essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals this honey will help maintain good health.

For more information visit www.nzartisanhoney.co.nz or email sharyn@nzartisanhoney.co.nz.

Wake up with Something to Crow About!

Something to Crow About produce a range of great tasting and healthy premium mueslis including their latest offering - Australasia’s first Probiotic Muesli. The popular probiotic mueslis are boosted with a vegan (dairy-free) strain of probiotic to support gut health and wellness and come in two scrumptious flavours. With a 4 to 5 star health rating across the range, the breakfast blends are loaded with premium nourishing ingredients. There muesli range heroes both gluten-free blends and traditional homestyle muesli blends.

The range of five favours includes:

  • Supreme Trio of Nuts & Berries (probiotic)
  • Almond Maple & Cacao (probiotic & gluten free)
  • Macadamia Otago Honey & Nuts (gluten-free)
  • Natural Fusion Fruits & Nuts
  • Almond Coconut & Orange (gluten-free)

Something to Crow About has leapt up the ranks to become one of NZ’s leading premium muesli brands and continues to be the fastest growing cereal brand in NZ. ($ sales IRI scan data as at April 2018)

Something to Crow About is a family-owned and operated natural health food company based on the Hibiscus Coast of New Zealand.

For more information on Something to Crow About visit www.crowabout.co.nz or email mike@crowabout.co.nz.

Nut Brothers launched their premium Nut Butters range in 2015.

Unlike many Peanut Butter brands who either manufacture overseas or even roast overseas but mill in NZ, Nut Brothers genuinely small batch roast and mill all of their products right here in New Zealand. “We kind of see it like good coffee, it’s going to taste a whole lot better when it’s roasted fresh and milled soon after roasting, it’s exactly the same with Peanut Butter”.

The current range is available in Peanut Butter Crunchy, Smooth, Smokin' Chipotle, Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter, Almond Sunflower & Chia and Almond & Sticky Dates.

Nut Brothers have an impressive range of flavour options in their unique wide mouth jars, ideal for stirring in those healthy oils that will naturally want to separate, as no emulsifiers are used.

Nut Brothers are all about minimal processing, making great tasting natural products, whilst using the finest and freshest ingredients available.

To get Nut Brothers on your shelves email info@nutbrothers.co.nz

With the arrival of winter and the cold dark mornings, you simply can’t beat a hot bowl of nourishing porridge to keep you going until lunch.  pure delish’s Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge is far from your ordinary porridge - packed full of delicious dates, crunchy almonds and organic apricots with nature’s superfood, chia and sprinkling of spice for flavour.  This easy, one-step, no cooking required, option offers consumers a sustaining and nutritious breakfast that is fast and convenient. Being 4.5 star health rated means Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge is a great choice for those customers wanting to choose a healthier option.

pure delish has also teamed up with Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ to assist with their research fund-raising efforts. For every bag of Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge sold, pure delish will donate 50c to this very deserving cause.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Mike, National Sales Manager at mike@puredelish.co.nz, call the office on 09 574 5701 or visit  www.puredelish.co.nz.