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Discover the Smooth Sensation.

Premium brand Castello introduces Creamy Havarti, a soft and creamy cheese with a mild aromatic and delicate tang.

Havarti carries the Danish heritage and was developed by Hanne Nielsen, one of Denmark’s outstanding cheese pioneers. Nielsen produced many different types of cheese, among these, was Tilsiter cheese which eventually acquired the name Havarti after Nielsen’s farm - Havartigård.

The NZ Havarti market is growing at approx. 16% in value vs last year (IRI Specialty Cheese 31/12/17). We now have the opportunity to introduce Havarti lovers to Castello and reward existing Castello consumers with a soft and creamy cheese that is also easy to slice. Castello Havarti is based on 100% natural ingredients with no added colour or preservatives - just naturally tasty cheese. As it matures, the taste develops more character and is perfectly matched with apples, honey and red wine.

Creamy Havarti - Creatively crafted by Castello

For more information contact Hutchinson's on 09 529 2850 or visit www.hutchinsons.co.nz

Everybody loves cheese, right? But a growing number of customers are making an effort to eat far less dairy or cutting it out completely.

Angel Food’s dairy-free cheese alternatives enable these people to continue eating their favourite meals without the dairy.

There’s a mozzarella alternative for your pizza, a cheddar alternative for your toasted sammies and crackers, dairy-free cheesy sauce mix for your lasagne, and parmesan alternative to sprinkle on, well, pretty much everything!

They are delicious and all made in New Zealand. This year Angel Food will be launching several exciting new products.

Angel Food was established in 2006 by vegan entrepreneur Alice Shopland, and the company has seen rapid growth in recent years with vegan and dairy-free diets becoming mainstream.

For more information contact Angel Food on 09 376 4623 or visit www.angelfood.co.nz

Amanda and Lindsey Goodman’s fledgeling business The Drunken Nanny was born in the spring of 2015 with a small flock of 25 milking does, a passion for these engaging and mischievous animals and a good deal of enthusiasm and hard work.

The ability to monitor the goats’ grazing and avoid the logistics of transporting the milk to the cheese room ensures only the freshest milk goes into their luscious range of fresh cheeses, starting with their hugely popular Fresh Lush and Dill Lush soft cheeses. This freshness ensures the cheeses have a light, mild and creamy flavour with just a hint of acidity. Amanda and Lindsey also produce limited releases of feta, savvy-washed rind, camembert and farmhouse cheese when milk supply and conditions allow. However, they plan to focus on their core “Lush” range and releasing these cheeses to stores nationwide.

For more information contact The Drunken Nanny on 06 306 9337 or visit www.thedrunkennanny.co.nz

The skills of Whitestone’s cheesemakers is to convert premium milk into world-class cheeses by using artisan open vat techniques. This skill is reflected in the company’s Vintage Windsor Blue’s category win at the 2017 Outstanding New Zealand Food Producer Awards and Silver Medal win at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest, Wisconsin (USA). Whitestone’s flagship Windsor Blue Cheese has an exclusive blue culture that combines with North Otago’s full cream milk produce and original champion blue. Hand selected Windsor Blue wheels are aged for approximately six months, intensifying the flavour profile of the rich and full bodied creamy blue, to produce a world-class connoisseur’s blue Vintage Windsor Blue.

For more information contact Whitestone Cheese Co on 03 434 8098 or visit  www.whitestonecheese.com

The Puhoi Valley Cellar Range is decadence at its best. Made in small batches using traditional methods, each cheese has been lovingly crafted, hand turned and matured, ready to deliver the ultimate cheese hedonist experience through gnarly appearance, adventurous flavours and indulgence texture. Aged for a minimum of six weeks, Puhoi Valley Goats’ Blue has the dramatic appearance of a much more mature cheese. The rustic crust adds texture while the blue cuts a dash, adding further tang to the goaty experience.

For more information contact Puhoi Valley on 0800 482 783 or visit www.getfood.co.nz