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Steel Press Cider has been making traditional farmhouse cider out of Wellington since 2016.

They provide a range of products, all with big flavour profiles, combining traditional and modern flavours.

Farmhouse Funk - Crisp, sharp, funky and little bit buttery at the end. This is its driest and most traditional cider. 5%

Bee - Big, round, strong sweet caramel apples. This award-winning cider highlights the natural sweetness of apples with a New Zealand liquid honey infusion. 5%

Maple & Pine - Sweet and refreshing. This cider has been infused with Canadian maple syrup and fresh pine resin. A rich sweetness that is followed by crisp apple and pine notes which cleanse the pallet. This is our sweetest cider. 5%

For more information please contact Sean Manning at steelpresscider@gmail.com or call 027 308 2228.

Remember that time when your uncle brewed that homemade Gingerbeer and some of the bottles exploded? Well, Ranga has recreated that homemade taste of real Gingerbeer. They’ve tweaked the recipe a bit so that the bottles don’t explode, and ramped up the alcohol to 4.5%, but otherwise, it’s that same refreshing taste. The result is an off-dry style Gingerbeer with the ginger infused in the conditioning stage.

The taste described by one ginger beer expert: “...spicy and snappy on the palate with just the faintest edge of sweet. You may say it’s like your favourite chunk of ginger crunch, boosted with a bit of booze and bundled into a bottle.” Ranga is best enjoyed simply over ice with a squeeze of lime - perfect for those hot, summer-filled days.

For more information please contact Marketing Director Bevan Wait at bevan@brandevolution.co.nz or call +64 21 522 254.

Zeffer makes premium craft cider with an Antipodean twist – and they’ve collected a few awards along the way to vouch for its excellence. Their Champion Cider win at the International Cider Awards in London last year propelled them to global cider fame but the independent craft cidery has more than 60 awards to their name since they started crafting cider in Matakana in 2009. They are also one of the fastest growing cider brands in the grocery channel (with 152% growth for the last quarter at the same time last year).

The small team moved their cidery from Matakana to sunny Hawke’s Bay last year where they not only have a ready supply of world-class apples but have also been able to increase production to keep up with demand. What sets Zeffer apart is their commitment to producing all-natural ciders from freshly crushed apples and no added cane sugar (except for a very small amount in their famous Apple Crumble). As a result, their ciders are drier in style, not overly sweet and feature interesting New Zealand ingredients like kawakawa, hops and cinnamon. Their Apple Crumble Cider has a cult-like following. Range available in cans, 500ml bottles and 330ml 4packs and available through Quench Collective.

Freephone: 0800 946 326 Email: sales@quenchcollective.co.nz



Crafted for you by the whānau of Tohu and Aronui wines, Tutū Cider is the younger, sprightlier sibling of the family.

In Māori, being a ‘little Tutū’ is a colloquial term for being cheeky and mischievous, so Tutū is here to help you to explore the fun side of your personality.

From the planting of the trees to the final delectable cider in the bottle, our whānau have carefully crafted each step of the process, to create something that we think you'll find unique, satisfying, and just a little bit naughty.

Made from 100% Nelson Fuji apples, this cider has good straw colour with a light green hue. A sweet ripe fruit bouquet and somewhat wine-like on the nose. The palate is of fresh, crisp apples with a well-balanced residual sweetness. The carbonation is not overpowering and adds lightness and freshness to the palate, with good palate length.

Check us out at www.tutucider.co.nz or contact us on 0800 864 894 or at orders@kono.co.nz.

Harvest Cidery started in Gisborne back in 1989, after the district was pounded by Cyclone Bola.  With no home for his apples, Brian Shanks started making cider.  After his initial success with Harvest Apple Cider unleashed Scrumpy Apple Cider into New Zealand in 1991.  Scrumpy has been a quiet success story in the cider scene, which many wish they could replicate.  Five years ago, Scrumpy Apple got a teammate, Scrumpy Raspberry, and then recently two other great additions were added to the family.

Scrumpy Apple Cider 8.2% - made predominantly from Granny Smith and Braeburn apples sourced from the Gisborne and Hawkes Bay areas. Great apple flavour with the balance being derived from a crisp acid finish.

Scrumpy Raspberry 8.2% - Bright rose pink colour and berry notes on the nose.  Fresh fruity flavours with the balance being derived from a crisp acid finish.

Scrumpy Lemon 8.2% -.  Cloudy in appearance, with a strong zesty lemon nose. Well balanced palate, characterised by a fresh and crisp lemon acid finish.

Scrumpy Ginger 8.2% - Warm ginger spice with earthy and floral undertones. Subtle ginger heat matched with Scrumpy acidity gives balance and length to an off-dry finish.

Now all distributed throughout New Zealand by Lion. Call us at 0800-107-272 or visit our website www.lionco.com