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Ghiotti Cheese Bites are an innovative new product from European Foods. Made using only the finest quality Italian cheese, Ghiotti Italian Cheese Bites are the perfect snack for an antipasto platter or crunchy topping for soups and salads. Oven baked and not fried, Ghiotti Italian Cheese Bites are irresistibly tasty and crispy. The Cheese Bites are a great option for those with specific dietary requirements as they are gluten, lactose and preservative free.

European Foods are committed to presenting only the best authentic and top quality food products, carefully selected from across Europe to bring innovation and flavour to New Zealand.

For more information visit www.ghiotti.co.nz or phone 09 551 7410.

MEDITERRANEO is a family owned business importing top quality, all-natural products from Italy, France, Greece and Australia.  Among their range of olive oil, organic olives, spreads, pâté, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, curry paste and risotto is their stunning coloured pasta from the Carnia region in north-eastern Italy.

Their artisan pasta, Marco Zanier, is produced according to traditional methods using the best quality high protein durum wheat semolina. Utilising the goodness of natural ingredients to make dyes that create pasta as beautiful to look at as it is good to eat, dyes are derived from spinach, beetroot, turmeric, squid ink and paprika.  All natural flavours are from lemon, porcini mushrooms, saffron and squid ink.

Our pasta cooks beautifully, retaining its shape and is perfect for all pasta dishes or used simply tossed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and grated pecorino.

For further information about our range, please visit www.mediterraneo.co.nz, call 021609337 or email info@mediterraneo.co.nz.

Ever Expanding YOLO

Food International has great news for cheese lovers out there. Five of their special products – YOLO Halloumi, YOLO Spanish Goats Chevre, YOLO Labneh, YOLO Cows Feta and Fecotta are now available nationally.

The YOLO range of speciality European cheeses in its hallmark black and white packaging – launched by Food International three years ago – continues to grow in popularity.

Global research and the addition of new lines is of great importance to the company, according to CEO, Adel Yousef. “We are constantly on the lookout for additions to our very exciting range. And we keep our prices at a good level – making the luxury product available to all Kiwis.

A huge range of different cheeses from Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom is now on offer from Food International.

Halloumi is a leading seller. It’s such a versatile cheese and cooked quickly in olive oil is a wonderful addition to salads or even as a protein with stir-fries, while the Spanish Goats Chevre has a delightful piquant flavour. The Labneh Cows Feta and Fecotta can add a Mediterranean twist to many dishes.

For more information email marketing@foodinternational.co.nz or phone 09 276 0826.

Take a trip down memory lane with all the old favourites from Taveners in one irresistible range. Made with natural colours and flavours this collection combines the tradition of yesteryear with the goodness of today. Taveners products are made using all natural colours and flavours, Great British Sweets are made in the traditional way with classic favourites like Strawberry Bon Bons and Mint Him Bugs, consumers won’t be disappointed.

TC Marketing has been selling the Taveners bags into the market since mid-2016 and the response so far has been fantastic. Consumers are loving that they are made with natural flavours and colours – which of course makes them not only a great tasting product but good for kids and adults to enjoy.

Give your customers the pleasure of enjoying this age-old heritage brand with great tasting good quality sweets at great prices.  Also, just added to the range is the new British gummi mix moulded into iconic shapes like London taxis, post boxes, Union Jack and Big Ben.

For retail enquiries, please contact your local Alliance rep on 09 263 9466 or info@alliance.co.nz.

For wholesale enquiries contact Chris on 021 678 854 or email chris@tcmarketing.co.nz.

New Zealand import brand Ghiotti has a mouth-watering range of prosciutto. Cured and aged in Italy and then later sliced in New Zealand, Ghiotti Prosciutto is a delicious addition to any antipasto platter and mouth-watering when paired with fresh melon or is just as tasty straight from the bag. Their range is dairy, gluten and preservative free so can be enjoyed by those with dietary needs. Ghiotti’s range includes three authentic flavours:

Prosciutto Crudo – It has been on Italian tables for centuries. Mild and sweet it is one of Italy’s oldest delicacies.

Prosciutto Toscano – With a Tuscan heritage and the Mediterranean scent of rosemary, thyme, garlic and black pepper this prosciutto has a traditional taste and fragrance.

L'Autentico Prosciutto - With a fragrant aroma, sweet and unsalted taste, due to a perfect balance between salting and maturing in the dry climate of Parma, this prosciutto is a masterpiece.

Their Prosciutto range highlights Ghiotti’s determination to provide top quality authentic Italian flavours to New Zealander’s. For more information visit www.ghiotti.co.nz or phone 09 551 7410.