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Healtheries new Turmeric tea is a delicious way to reap the benefits of turmeric.

Tea is becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming turmeric. Not only is it deliciously colourful, but it also has a unique but subtly spicy flavour and leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed. Turmeric is made from the root (rhizome) of the turmeric plant, and its brilliant golden colour contains much of its wonderful qualities.

With each tea bag containing a generous 71 percent serving of turmeric, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the vibrancy and taste. Turmeric tea is an easy way to reap the benefits of turmeric which helps to aid digestion and maintain healthy and comfortable joints. Healtheries Turmeric Tea is also caffeine free making it the perfect cuppa to warm you up during the cold winter months.

For more information contact Stacey Mearns at Stacey.Mearns@vitaco.co.nz or phone +64 21 681 192.

Nelson company, Appleby Farms has launched onto the premium ice-cream scene with an emphasis on its cow-to-cone philosophy. Appleby Farms has taken the whole ice-cream process and turned it into a labour of love. No fake tastes and textures, just hand-crafted ice creams that satisfy sensory cravings.

With wonderful ice cream, comes wonderful milk – enter the Appleby cows.

Appleby Farms use the milk from its herd of A2 cows in Nelson. It heads straight from the milking shed into its new creamery 15-minutes down the road. The ingredients are sourced from local growers and partners, and a portion of the profit gets reinvested into sustainable farming practices and environmental projects in the region.

The new range includes Bedford Vanilla Bean – Vanilla Ice Cream, Brown Eyed Girl – Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, Doubleshot Ipanema – Coffee Ice Cream and Bad Boys & Berries – Boysenberry Ice Cream.

For more information contact Lynne Jamieson on lynne@applebyfarms.co.nz or call 027 348 3738.

Fussy Cat was founded on the belief that cats deserve only the finest natural ingredients.

Cats are not designed to eat grains, so Fussy Cat offers a grain-free alternative to satisfy cat's natural cravings, just as nature intended.

The first in Australia to go grain-free in grocery, Fussy Cat sought to offer a better alternative at a more accessible price for all cats. All of their food - wet, dry, raw and treats - is made in Australia, with the freshest natural Australian ingredients.

A meat-eater by nature, cats crave a diet rich in red meat, poultry and fish. With grain-free and natural ingredients, Fussy Cat has the perfect formulation for satisfying any cat’s carnivorous cravings and nutritional needs.

Fussy Cat leaves out the grain to pack in more meat; meaning it’s healthier and tastier.

For more information contact Real Pet Food Company on 0800 738 366 or visit realpetfoodco.com.au

oob organics new Supercharge and Revitalise frozen smoothie mixes take all the hard work out of prepping and creating a perfect nutritious smoothie. Just add liquid, blend and enjoy.

oob organic’s new vegetable and fruit smoothie range is available in two innovative mixes – Supercharge and Revitalise.

An energising blend of certified organic kale, kiwifruit, apple and mint; oob organic Supercharge is a green smoothie with a refreshing twist.

Those who want more of a boost will enjoy oob organic’s Revitalise combination of beetroot, blueberry, blackberry and ginger.

The new smoothie mixes are 100 percent certified organic. The ingredients are snap frozen when they’re perfectly ripe, cut and packaged, ready to blend. The zip lock packaging also avoids wastage, as you can use as much you need, reseal and simply put the rest back in the freezer.

For more information contact Jessica Tran on 09 974 3242 or email Jessica@oob.co.nz.

Marion’s Kitchen is different. Each one of their products starts out as a homemade recipe created and cooked just as it should be. No chemical labs, white coats or ingredients you can’t pronounce, just good honest cooking.

All of Marion’s Kitchen Cooking Kits offer any easy step by step guide for a better way to cook. Providing the ingredients in easy to use separate pouches, all customers need to do is add meat and vegetables and they will have a restaurant quality meal for the family.

The meal kits are all natural with no added preservatives or MSG and are dairy and gluten free. With a range of different flavours like Thai Green Curry, San Choy Bow, Thai Red Curry, Cashew Chicken, Pad Thai and Thai Massaman Curry, Marion’s Kitchen gives consumers the confidence to cook restaurant flavours at home.

Contact enquires@delamine.com for more information.