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Angel Bay brings you a range of New Zealand made, quality, home-style products that are succulent, mouthwateringly good and packed full of flavour; giving consumers the opportunity to serve restaurant quality food to family and friends at home.

Our Gluten Free Beef Patties are based on the same delicious home-style recipe as the rest of our Angel Bay Range – just without the gluten. They’re independently tested and certified by Coeliac New Zealand, giving gluten-intolerant consumers peace of mind.

Angel Bay is about quality and convenience, our products are part-cooked to seal in the flavour providing consumers with a solution that is convenient to cook, giving the same consistent quality every time that is delicious to eat.

To find out more visit www.angelbay.co.nz

Kohu Road is a multi award winning ice cream manufacturer established in 2007 by passionate foodie Greg Hall. Their unique flavours and signature style were inspired by Greg’s 15-year journey around the world.

At Kohu Road they are committed to making real food using only all-natural ingredients. They also make ice cream the traditional way; by hand. They source only the best quality ingredients from all over the world like whole chocolate, matcha powder and vanilla pods. Fresh milk and cream are delivered daily from the local dairy farm and their ice creams are free from preservatives, additives, artificial flavours, colours, emulsifiers, gums and stabilisers.

They have a wide range of dairy and dairy-free ice creams for everyone’s taste. The reduced sugar coconut ice cream is dairy-free, gluten-free; and halal certified, and their creamy sorbets are dairy-free, gluten-free, halal certified and vegan-friendly.

A key part of Kohu Road’s philosophy is their connection to nature. They are an environmentally-friendly company, devoted to recycling where possible, and keeping the planet beautiful.

For more information, please visit www.kohuroad.co.nz or email office@kohuroad.co.nz

Red Bull Vitalizes the Body and Mind.

Red Bull Sugarfree is Red Bull’s first Energy Drink without sugar. It’s a functional beverage with only three calories per 100ml.

It balances a busy day between work and gym or during fun nights out with friends. Drink on the road, during lectures and study sessions, at work, during a sports match or while playing video games. It has the same benefits as traditional Red Bull Energy Drinks but is made without sugar. Red Bull Sugarfree contains high-quality ingredients, including caffeine, b-group vitamins, taurine, aspartame and acesulfame K and alpine water.

Red Bull Sugarfree is available in a 250ml, 473ml or multipack.

No Sugar. 100% Wings.

For more information visit www.redbull.com/nz-en or contact Red Bull New Zealand 

Pure Delish is a leading manufacturer of super premium foods in New Zealand.  After creating and establishing the category of high-end breakfast cereals nearly 12 years ago, they are today, still number one in this space.  The entire range is still handmade in their own production facility under the Pure Delish brand.

The latest new addition to their cookie range is a Passion and Coconut Bite’. These delicious morsels are grain, gluten and dairy free, contain only 6 real ingredients and pack a real flavour punch. This follows the re-release in 2017 of the company’s bite and biscuit range, offering consumers five variants in new convenient resealable packaging with an improved brand and shelf presence for retailers.

In addition to being free from allergens, artificial colours, flavours and sulphites, they also use quality wholesome ingredients like nuts and seeds making many of the products also densely nutritious.

Plans are underway for a new and exciting cereal due to launch later in 2018. For more information contact Amanda at amanda@puredelish.co.nz or visit www.puredelish.com.

Everybody loves cheese. But a growing number of customers are making an effort to eat far less dairy or cutting it out completely. Angel Food’s dairy-free cheese alternatives enable these people to continue eating their favourite meals without the dairy.
Their delicious new Dairy-free Feta alternative is not only made in New Zealand, but is extremely low in saturated fat, and is also gluten-free and soy-free, making it perfect for salads, sandwiches and savoury muffins.
Angel Food was established in 2006 by vegan entrepreneur Alice Shopland, and the company has seen rapid growth in recent years with vegan and dairy-free diets becoming mainstream.
For more information contact Angel Food on 09 376 4623 or visit www.angelfood.co.nz