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Designed to promote health and wellbeing, Herbal Fix compliments a healthy lifestyle. Formulated to work on specific parts of the body and brain they harness the power of seven organic herbs and eight vitamins to enhance your lifestyle.

Produced in a certified organic factory in Melbourne, Herbal Fix are free from artificial ingredients and processed sugars. Their drinks have a low glycemic index making them perfect for people with diabetes. Herbal Fix has a range of 6 distinctively flavoured beverages that appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

BEAUTY contains collagen a protein found to improve the growth of hair and nails, enhance the skin, and even protect against heart disease.

ACTIVE harnesses the power of Guarana to promote an energetic lifestyle.

SHAPE is the perfect beverage for consumers looking to get into shape. It uses Dandelion fibres to help you to feel fuller for longer.

LOVE uses the power of Horny Goat Weed to help sufferers treat osteoporosis. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac for both men and women.

RELAX helps consumers to destress using valerian to ease anxiety and insomnia.

FOCUS rich in vitamin C this drink is flavoured with passionfruit and alma.

For more information visit www.herbalfix.com.au or email info@herbalfix.com.au.

Barnana’s Plantain Chips are said to be the world’s first organic, ridged, flavour-forward plantain chip.

Available in four varieties: Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Acapulco Lime, Sea Salt & Vinegar (with Apple Cider) and Brazilian BBQ, the chips are fried in organic coconut oil and are certified organic, paleo, grain-free, vegan and non-GMO verified with the flavour being the brand’s top priority.

For more information visit www.barnana.com.

Started back in 2009, COYO was one of the first producers of coconut yoghurt. Since then the company has grown into a coconut powerhouse with a range of coconut ice creams and yoghurts.

COYO’s latest flavour Hemp and Blueberry contains hemp seeds, which have recently become an approved ingredient at the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum of Food Regulation in April 2017. After receiving requests from customers to include the new legalised food, COYO developed the unique flavour.

For more information email info@coyo.com.au or visit www.coyo.com.


For the last 75 years, Buderim Ginger has been growing ginger and is now one of the largest suppliers in the World. Proudly grown and operated in Australia, they produce a range of ginger beverages, snacks, confectionary and spreads.

With both a retail and foodservice range, Buderim Ginger meets customer’s needs supplying them with convenient, economic and eco-friendly packaging alternatives. Their range of non-alcoholic ginger beers includes a canned Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer and Pear, a reduced sugar Ginger Beer, and Ginger Beer with Guarana.

Buderim Ginger also has a range of cordial, juices and alcoholic brews, crystallised ginger and ginger chews as well as marmalades and conserves.

For more info head to www.buderimginger.com or email Buderim Ginger at buderimg@buderimginger.com.

Halo Top Creamery beats its competitors.

They know that everyone loves ice cream, so they crafted it to be a regular part of people diets, with each pint only consisting of only 280-360 calories per pint. Harnessing the power of organic stevia and Erythritol (a sweetener found in fruits) Top Halo Creamery was able to create a large range of low sugar dairy and dairy free ice creams that consumers love.

Their dairy range consists of 24 flavours ranging from Lemon Cake and Candy Bar to Black Cherry and Pancakes and Waffles. Halo Top Dairy also has a range of 14 Dairy Free options to cater to consumers with dietary needs.

Head to www.halotop.com or email them at info@halotop.com.