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St Andrews Limes renowned dressings are part of their range of culinary (hand-crafted) delights, which also encompass condiments, curds, chutney, cordial and pure New Zealand lime & lemon juice.

The three dressings; Lime and Mustardseed Dressing (no vinegar), Just a Dressing and Saffron Lime Dressing, can be found in plastic bottles in the produce departments of North Island Foodstuffs supermarkets, and in the grocery departments of South Island Foodstuffs supermarkets, in glass bottles.

Entering the spring season, try the Lime and Mustardseed Dressing drizzled over asparagus, broccoli, fish or chicken, the Just a Dressing on roast vegetables or over a lettuce salad, and the Saffron Lime Dressing over fish and chicken. Try marinating salmon in Saffron Lime Dressing prior to cooking – its magic.

Like all their products, these dressings are gluten-free, preservative and additive free.

Once tasted, never forgotten.

For more information please contact Joan at limes@limes.co.nz or visit https://www.limes.co.nz/

In line with the current thought that you are what you eat, Waihi bush organic farm has introduced their gourmet range for people who are looking for healthy organic oils.  Products that are easy to use in anyone’s pantry and can be incorporated into any meal offering nothing but nutrition and nourishment.

100 per cent organic, cold pressed, nothing added nothing taken away.  There are currently four varieties in the range, each offering its own unique natural taste.  The Gourmet Oils meet most dietary requirements including vegan, gluten-free, Ketogenic, Paleo, Raw and Alkaline.

Waihi Bush Organic Farm is a leading Organic Family owned company currently certified by AsureQuality, their organic products are independently certified to international standards and are produced in accordance with environmentally sustainable practices.

For more information head to www.fwf.co.nz.


With 18 years’ experience behind us exporting to over 30 Countries Olivado are the world’s largest producer of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Over time we have introduced many other healthy oils to the Olivado range. The time felt right to mainstream Avocado oil and give consumers the Olivado quality at a more affordable price.

Introducing Olivado Natural Avacado Cooking Oil.

It is a naturally refined avocado oil for all cooking needs with the goodness of avocado and the high smoke point people have grown to love. Olivado is leading the category in Avocado oils and bringing consumers an everyday avocado oil at a more affordable price.

Available in 500ml glass bottles. It is the only refined avocado oil in the supermarket with no infused flavours added.

Globally, Avocado oil is helping grow the category as speciality oils showing the strongest growth in the oils aisle in supermarkets.

 For more information please contact  pip@olivado.com or visit www.olivado.com.

Dip, Dress, Drizzle and Dollop your way into Summer with Barker’s of Geraldine new dressings and sauces.  

To capitalise on the popularity of the existing condiment range, the brand for food lovers have just launched Miso & Ginger Dressing, Herb & Caper Vinaigrette and a Harissa Sauce. All three flavours bring flavoursome flair with versatility to the meal flavourings aisle.  The dressings can be used hot or cold, and all three products support plant-based eating, being vegan-friendly.

They also work especially well with fish, seafood, chicken & lamb. Get your drizzle on this Summer. 

For more information contact Twin Agencies. Visit our recipe bank www.barkers.co.nz. or check out our new recipe channel www.youtube.co.nz\nzbarkersofgeraldine.

Versatility and health with Blue Coconut Oil.

Pure, fresh and clean tasting, Blue Coconut Oil is cold-pressed in the Pacific Islands, contains no additives or contaminants, is naturally cholesterol-free and has no coconut taste or aroma. It is great for overall cooking, and it is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic, making it ideal to moisturise and condition skin, face and hair.

Several researchers have indicated that coconut oil has great health benefits, and the latest findings from the BBC Science programme in association with the University of Cambridge United Kingdom, published in the British Medical Journal indicate potential benefits to the heart.

For more information contact info at https://bluecoconut.co.nz