Here are our top five products to stock for the Winter season. For more information and insights see our latest issue of Supermarket News Magazine.

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Nature’s Way has added to its popular range of Kids Smart Vita Gummies. The new Nature’s Way Kids Calm Vita Gummies have the dual benefits of Magnesium and Theanine, which provides natural and gentle support to calm and settle children when they may struggle to relax and focus.

The 99 percent sugar free, dairy free, vegan gummies are ideal for restoring daytime balance and supporting restful sleep in growing kids. Nature’s Way Kids Smart is New Zealand’s leading brand of kids supplements available in supermarkets.

For more information visit www.pharmacarenz.co.nz or email sales marketing manager Alasdair North at anorth@pharmacarenz.co.nz

Keep warm this winter with Harraways oats.

For over 150 years, generations of Kiwi’s have enjoyed their favourite Harraways oats for breakfast with its distinctive yellow packaging. Now its packaging has a charming, nostalgic feel, with a new logo that features the oat mill in Dunedin.

“One of the most important touch points for a brand is its packaging. It is the key ‘conversion point’ that consumers truly ‘buy into’ a brand as such Harraways needs its packaging and overall shelf presence to work as hard as possible to project the brand’s unique benefits to the shopper. Previous to the rebrand, the packs were not telling the Harraways story in the best way they could and this aspect needed to work much harder in terms of grabbing the shopper’s attention. It certainly needed addressing,” said Peter Cox, head of Harraways marketing and product development.

Sustainability was also a massive part of the Harraways rebrand. The Quick Serve Sachets now come in a more resourceful box with 20 percent less cardboard. Made from sustainable wood pulp, the box is also 100 percent recyclable. The new 45g Quick Serve Sachets contain 20 percent more oats per serve, and the sachets are made using home compostable material.

For more information visit www.harraways.co.nz.

Enjoy worry-free laundry from wash to wear with Cold Power Clean & Smooth, which contains a special ingredient that works during the wash to help make ironing easier.

For more information visit www.coldpower.co.nz.

Pitango, famous for their fresh real home-style soups and risottos, has been hard at work in the kitchen creating new dishes for this winter. Their new Indian Lentil and Turmeric soup is a lightly spiced soup that encapsulates traditional Indian style flavour. The soup is made using a blend of simmered lentils, cauliflower, coconut cream, a dash of warming spice and a healthy dose of turmeric for gorgeous colour. Pitango’s Indian Lentil and Tumeric soup is also vegan-friendly and gluten-free with no added preservatives and has three serves of veggies per pack.

For more information phone 09 261 2712 or visit www.pitango.co.nz.

Kōkako launched their Drinking Chocolate blend in 2009. With a classic mix of premium grade Fairtrade organic cocoa sourced from Conacado Cooperative in the Dominican Republic and Fairtrade organic sugar from the Manduvira Cooperative in Paraguay, it has been a popular pantry choice for ethically minded kiwi families ever since. The high organic cocoa to organic golden cane sugar ratio (40% and 60% respectively), and the absence of fillers, emulsifiers or preservatives makes it one of the richest premium drinking chocolate blends on the market.

The blend is sold in high barrier compostable packaging that is made from three different compostable films, laminated together to lock in the freshness, taste and flavour. These films compost when disposed of in a home or industrial composting environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms.

Certified Fairtrade, Biogro Organic and packaged in a compostable zip-lock pouch; in essence, it’s the perfect indulgence this winter that you can feel good about. Proudly distributed in New Zealand by Ceres Organics & suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Email info@ceres.co.nz or call 0508 423 737 for more information or to order.