Award-winning Nelson craft brewery Sprig & Fern Brewery is releasing a craft beer range in innovative, all-new 888ml glass packaging. The new release packaging also coincides with the release of two new products in the range; a Dry Hopped Pilsner and West Coast I.P.A.

The beautifully-designed bottles will be available in eight bottle cases. The new range will be available for dispatch from 1 April. Delivery direct to store will remain the same and Sprig & Fern’s service level will be unchanged.

“Our customers have been asking us for a competitively priced, larger, resealable glass bottle and we believe that as leaders in our industry we have a role to play in providing a glass alternative for our customers. Ensuring that we are responding to environmental sustainability considerations is something that’s very important to us,” says Lee Brown, General Manager, Sprig & Fern Brewery.

“Glass is the world’s most natural and sustainable packaging and while the new glass bottle range will not be an immediate and complete replacement for our PET range at this time, we’re excited by the potential customer reaction to our 888ml resealable glass bottles.”

Unlike the PET range which needs to be kept constantly refrigerated, the 888ml glass packaging range is suitable for both ambient and refrigerated storage and display.

“The 888ml bottle has the same footprint as a PET bottle so it won’t take up any extra shelf space. This means it provides good profitability per footprint and can retail at a lower price point, and provides a good return.

“We understand the importance of shelf appeal and we have carried the packaging design that earned us a 2018 Brewers Guild of New Zealand packaging trophy into the new range. We are really confident that the range will look fantastic in store.”