A 0% New Zealand First

Giesen 0% alcohol Merlot and Riesling

A new low-calorie 0% alcohol twist on old favourites, Giesen is expanding its low and no alcohol range with a 0% alcohol Merlot and Riesling, a New Zealand first for 0% alcohol red wine and 0% alcohol Riesling. 

The wine is gently distilled into three layers: aroma, alcohol and body. Leaving the alcohol aside, the distinctive aroma is combined with the body to create 0% alcohol wine without compromising on quality. 

The Giesen 0% alcohol Merlot is dry in style but has bright varietal characters plum, cherry and blackberry.

The Giesen 0% Riesling is light, lively and refreshing, with zingy lime, mandarin and sweetness balanced by crisp acidity. 

Available now.