A Delicious Twist For Summer

In anticipation of summer, Streets is introducing Paddle Pop Twister Mini to New Zealand, featuring a blend of pineapple, strawberry, lemon, and lime flavours. Initially launched in the UK in 1984 and popular in Europe, this frozen treat distinguishes itself from the classic Streets Cyclone.

Twister Mini offers a unique experience with its contrasting textures of fruit, water, ice, and plant-based cream, each melting at different rates to create an exciting consumer experience. Vibrant flavours balance sweet and sour sensations. The fruit ice alongside a velvety, plant-based creamy ice wraps around a juicy and refreshing icy core.  

The Twister Mini is made with real fruit juice and plant-based ingredients, without artificial colours or flavours, and is just 39 calories per serving.

“We’ve been trying to launch Twister Mini in New Zealand for years, and we’re so excited that Kiwis can finally get their hands on the refreshing snack. Get ready to be blown away,” shared Unilever brand manager Juliette Fleming.