All-Natural, On The Go

New York based company, Yo Pitts! Foods has introduced the ‘Snack Pack’, allowing you to enjoy two of their delicious mustard flavours on the go! 

Yo Pitts! was brought to life by founder Tom Pitts, on a quest for all-natural and wholesome ingredients. The new snack line of all-natural mustard coupled with pretzels and bread sticks are the perfect addition to the Yo Pitts! Foods condiment line of three ketchup flavours and 10 mustard flavours.

The available flavours of ‘Snack Pack’ are:

Smoked Maple Mustard & Pretzel

Smoked Maple Mustard & Plain Bread Sticks

Tangy Mustard & Pretzel

Tangy Mustard & Sesame Bread Sticks

The Yo Pitts! Foods ‘Snack Pack’ is tasty and filling, with resealable packaging. 

The snack packs can be found in a few select retailers and online at