Almighty, but Faster

In a bid to take on traditional energy drinks with a modern healthy alternative, Almighty has launched Almighty Active, a sugar-free sparkling water with added natural caffeine and a hint of natural flavour. Almighty managing director and co-founder Ben Lenart said he was stoked that as a New Zealand owned and operated business, they are the first caffeinated water to market here. 

“Almighty Active is a functional drink you can feel good about putting in your body that gives you the lift you need. It’s a more hydrating, healthier alternative without the sugar, calories and other artificial ingredients that often go with caffeinated energy beverages,” he said.

Each can of Almighty Active has the naturally flavoured sparkling water that Almighty is already so well-known for, with 80mg of natural caffeine in it - about the same as a cup of coffee - and nothing more. 

Available in singles and handy four packs.