Back With Exciting Flavour


KUNGFOOD is back with some exciting new flavours of Dumplings and Steam Buns that will transport you to your happy place. KUNGFOOD started with a mission to create an authentic range of Asian Fusion products that were restaurant quality and made right here in Godzone. The result is Asian fusion food so tasty it’ll give your tastebuds a karate kick.

Introducing KUNGFOOD’s Teriyaki Chicken Steam Buns, KUNGFOOD has taken quality ingredients, a Kiwi favourite flavour and ancient Chinese techniques to develop the perfect Steam Buns. These light, fluffy bread pillows of deliciousness are filled with a hot, slow-cooked, sweet, and salty Teriyaki Chicken Meat filling. This innovation caters when hunger strikes and consumers search for a quick meal that doesn’t disappoint in flavour. KUNGFOOD explained that consumers microwave one Steam Bun from frozen for one minute in the microwave for the perfect meal or snack.

KUNGFOOD has added Korean BBQ Beef Steam Buns to tap into Korean cuisine's rise and popularity. The Steam Buns are filled with a rich, sweet and salty Asian sauce that’s packed with flavourful notes of garlic and sesame and has a warming chilli heat. Its Steam Buns can either be microwaved for one minute from frozen or steamed for 15-25 minutes in a steamer, making it one quick, convenient meal or snack to whip up packed with flavour in every bite. 

In its Dumplings range, KUNGFOOD has also added BBQ Pork Dumplings. This new flavour takes the humble dumpling and makes it extra delicious by adding a sweet and savoury Asian BBQ sauce with a hint of garlicky goodness. Enjoy more of KUNGFOOD’s perfect filling-to-pastry ratio with its generous-sized dumplings because big is good. Dumplings can be boiled, steamed or pan-fried for a quick and easy meal that doesn’t compromise on flavour.