American (born in Brooklyn New York) businessman Alan Amron traveling abroad, stumbled upon the best American Bagel he has ever tasted in his entire life. The Cannelle Bakery in Europe has been making breads and pastries since 1973, but it wasn't until 2017 that American businessman Alan Amron ate their American Bagel for breakfast one winter morning, that they started to sell them internationally. For months after that first morning, Alan Amron has been eating those Cannelle Bakery American Bagels everyday. "I was amazed that a European bakery could make our American bagels taste better than they do in America. I buy them (freshly made then flash frozen), in a six pack and defrost to eat them fresh or I toast them everyday. No American bagel tastes as good," said Amron. If you eat breakfast, you must try these Cannelle Bakery American Bagels. The American Bagel TM made by Cannelle Bakery tastes so good, that it's formulas and baking methods are protected by a United States Patent Pending.

If you serve breakfast, sell bagels, love bagels - you must try these American Bagels.

Nuances of combining specially formulated ingredients and advanced technological processes makes it the very best tasting American Bagel ever made to date. Freshly baked then flash frozen to hold in the maximum fresh taste after defrosted. The brand is looking for distribution in New Zealand.

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