To help parents beat the back to school stress, Dole has created a range of delicious grab-and-go Fruit Bowls, perfect for popping the lunch box or handbag during that morning rush.

Available in hand portion-controlled packs of four, Dole Fruit & Juice, Dole Fruit & Jelly and Dole Fruit & Custard each contain a range of quality, flavoursome fruit.

With options like sun-ripened peaches, whole blueberries and tropical mango, Dole Fruit Bowls are a convenient, fuss-free snack for hungry little tummies and their peckish parents.

Kamilla Camilo, senior marketing manager of Dole NZ said the range of Dole Fruit Bowls will make the back-to-school rush a little easier for parents and children alike.

“There tends to be a certain narrative around weekday mornings and it’s usually that of craziness and chaos – at least that tends to be the case in my house!” said Camilo.

“While they’re not the antidote to school bag explosions or dawdling youngsters, Dole Fruit Bowls are a simple, stress-free snack option that will go down a treat. Research has proven that kids with happy tummies perform better, so it’s super important to have smart, delicious snacks on hand to help them return to their school routine.”

Parents will have the snack department nailed.

Of course, they’re not only for kids. Making it easy to enjoy fruit anytime, anywhere, Dole Fruit Bowls are just right for hungry and time poor mums and dads in need of something sweet and satisfying.

As one of the world’s leading fruit providers, Dole has produced top quality fruit for more than 100 years. The Dole Fruit & Juice snack bowls are a perfect substitute for when fresh fruit isn’t available while the Fruit & Jelly and Fruit & Custard range make a tasty treat or indulgent dessert.

Dole Fruit & Custard Peach, Mango or Blueberry (4x123g)

Tasty pieces of real fruit in dreamy vanilla flavoured custard.

Dole Fruit & Jelly Peach, Mango or Fruit Mix (4x123g)

Juicy pieces of sun-ripened peach, tropical mango or peach, pear and pineapple in delicious fruit flavoured jelly.

Dole Fruit & Juice Peach or Tropical (4x113g)

Delicious pieces of sun-ripened peach in fruit juice, or juicy pieces of pineapple, red papaya and yellow papaya in fruit juice.